Q&A with Mohammed Badi, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General

May 31, 2021

Maj-Gen Mohammed Badi, Director-General of Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) fielded questions from the public via Sunday Nation.

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is such a brilliant idea. However, people have invested in buses and matatus yet the government also talks of acquiring its own buses. How do you want private investors to survive when government becomes their competitor?  Dr Irungu Maina, Nairobi

BRT is being implemented by the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA). The agency has been engaging matatu operators and they have developed a transition strategy that will ensure they are not adversely affected when BRT is implemented. Second, current operators will be involved in the management of the BRT system. It is important to note that BRT will only operate on five corridors while current PSV operators continue on many routes not covered. There is space for everybody.

All past City Hall administrators have blamed cartels for challenges facing Nairobi. Who are these cartels and how have you dealt with them?Komen Moris, Eldoret

A cartel is an illegal group of independent market participants who collude with each other to dominate and control the market for their self-interest with aim of evading revenue payment/breaking binding market laws and regulations.

In this case, it is true to say cartels are a great hindrance to service delivery in Nairobi. It is difficult to physically identify a cartel, the reason why we have strived to use technology to verify all that we are dealing with. We have overcome the cartel through the implementation of operating policies, legislations and regulations in the city.

How has your military background helped enhance service delivery? Komen Moris, Eldoret

The structure in the Kenya Defence Forces is team-work oriented. This is what we have taught all officers of NMS, leading to the realisation of the services we offer and projects we have implemented in the shortest time we have been in office. The disciplined forces are apolitical and this remains in our operations at NMS as we continue to serve the people of Nairobi.

When will Nairobi have well-demarcated bus stops that would improve road discipline for all? Sam Watene

NMS is in the process of developing better public transport facilities. Green Park Terminal is the first and many others will follow. These facilities are meant to create orderly use of the public transport system. NMS enforcement teams continue to address improper behaviour on the roads in collaboration with other security agencies, including the police.

There was a fire in Umoja recently, which razed people’s houses and other properties. It started from workshops built on public land allegedly grabbed by a former surveyor in the county government. Will NMS ever recover this land? Kiragu Kogie, Umoja Estate

The land was allocated by the defunct NCC. Currently, NMS is titling all public utility plots to protect them from land grabbing while ensuring conducive environment for their utilisation thus unlocking the county’s full economic potential.

What is NMS doing to ensure vehicles and motorbikes don’t ride on pedestrian walkways? Martin Muthuri, Nairobi

The enforcement department ensures regulations set on usage of non-motorised transport (NMT) areas are adhered to. This is through the establishment of the active Rapid Response Unit (RRU).

This team was specifically created to deal with such issues. In addition, the Security and Compliance Department is at the final stages of recruiting more enforcement officers to boost the workforce along all streets in the city.

Has NMS lost its steam. Some parts of Kenyatta Avenue are an eyesore – littered with garbage. Also, the streets are increasingly being overrun by hoodlums. Why? Nyagaka Amenya

NMS, through the Directorate of Environment, Water and Sanitation, has hired workers to clean the CBD. We have also been engaging NYS servicemen to ensure high levels of cleanliness within CBD and its environs. To supplement these ongoing efforts, an operation to improve the cleanliness and general aesthetics in CBD began on May 22, which involves sweeping, cleaning and ensuring all waste is collected for disposal. We have also been ensuring daily allocation of trucks within the CBD to cart away the waste. So far, several offenders of illegal dumping have been arrested. NMS is committed to ensuring that the city is clean and solid waste is collected on time to avert serious environmental pollution.

MCAs have alleged mismanagement of funds allocated to NMS. How true are these allegations?Davis Basweti Ombane, Juja

The MCAs understand the processes, from the time a budget is done to the time it is executed (expenditure incurred), and subsequently reporting (financial statements) and auditing (which is statutory) are executed. There is always fear among Kenyans that funds may be wasted or embezzled because of what they have experienced before and as we have proven, NMS is a new dawn. Further and in accordance with the provision of the Deed of Transfer and the accompanying addendum Article 7, the NCC Assembly and all its committees retain their constitutional and statutory oversight mandate over the performance of transferred functions. In the oversight mandate. The NCC Assembly or any of its committees has powers to summon any Executive member or chief officer of the NCCG responsible for any of the transferred functions to give any information required.

 At the Machakos Country Bus terminus (next to Muthurwa), there are unruly individuals and gangs who rob and harass passengers. Can NMS eliminate them?Jonathan Karanja, North Kinangop

NMS works with National Police Service, and National Youth Service, among other security organs, to man the said areas to deal with the culprits. Several of them have been arrested and charged in court. At the same time, NMS has created a toll-free service line to enable residents report and seek help on any incidences.

As residents of Imara Daima, we have many challenges: pedestrian walkways have been grabbed, streetlights removed from the railway station and sewer systems are not working. Please help?Peter Kimwere, Imara Daima

Vandalism remains a great impediment to achievement of a world-class Nairobi. However, we have restored a high mast in the area using poles that cannot be used for scrap metal. Meanwhile, we have sub-county technical teams from lands, city planning, engineering, environment and enforcement officers where residents should report their grievances.

How can resident associations work with NMS?Alfred Owili, Nairobi

We have an MoU with Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations, which provides a framework for cooperation, and an avenue for engagement, as well as facilitate the implementation of the Nairobi City County Community and Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act, 2016 limited to activities falling within the scope of the four transferred functions.

What measures have you put in place to professionalise your enforcement officers who brutalise small traders on Nairobi streets? Dan Murugu, Nakuru

Enforcement work should be done as stipulated in the Nairobi City Inspectorate Act. 2017. The enforcement unit has developed standard training curriculum that is customised towards professionalism. At the same time, the unit is developing stipulations for disciplinary action to be taken against officers who disobey the law.

Will the stretch from Fig Tree junction in Ngara to Gymkhana Goan ever be re-carpeted? Concerned resident along Ngara Road

NMS has embarked on massive re-carpeting of roads in CBD and entire Nairobi. This will soon extend to neighbouring locations including the stretch from Fig Tree to Gymkhana.

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