CS Kagwe Aims Dig at DP Ruto Over BBI Success

May 13, 2021

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe veered off coronavirus matters and delved into the country’s political climate surrounding the Constitution Amendment Bill (2020).

In an interview on Inooro FM Wednesday, CS Kagwe said the passage of the BBI Bill in both Houses of Parliament is a testament to Kenyans’ trust in the president.

“We were told that no one, not even a cat, would vote for the Bill when it came…So we went to Sagana and talked to the president and we exchanged views,” he said.

Adding: “They said the MCAs had been bribed to pass it, so we said, let’s wait for the National Assembly and the Senate and now you see what happened.”

CS Kagwe further aimed a subtle dig at Deputy President William Ruto and his anti-BBI camp saying Central Kenya region speaks with one voice when it matters.

“Did you say the BBI would fail because you were in a church where you gave Sh2 billion?” posed Kagwe.

“I have a lot of political experience and I will tell you this, Mt Kenya region speaks as one voice when push comes to shove.”

“They even went to the Maasai Mara to plot how the BBI would fail, but when it came time to vote, we looked for NO votes and couldn’t find any,” Kagwe added.

At the same time, the minister defended President Kenyatta against allegations of neglecting the Mt Kenya region in terms of development.

“Everywhere you go in Kenya, there are projects going on, health, roads, you name it,” he said. “Development is not overnight, it is gradual, look where you were 10 years ago, things change over time,” he said.

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