Watch: Nyamira MCAs Exchange Blows and Kicks inside County Assembly

April 14, 2021

There was drama at the Nyamira County Assembly on Tuesday morning after MCAs turned the floor of the House into a boxing ring over the dewhipping of some MCAs from crucial committees

The MCAs exchanged blows and kicks after disagreeing over the introduction of a new name in the Committee of Appointments report.

An earlier report from Nyamira governor Amos Nyaribo had featured four names with a promise that the fifth nominee would be confirmed later.

The committee later settled on all five names, with the fifth nominee scheduled for later vetting.

However, on Tuesday, April 13, the governor had changed the name of the fifth nominee catching some of the MCAs opposed to the new nominee by surprise.

Chaos erupted shortly after the House convened for business, with some MCAs jumping over the barrier separating the gallery and chambers and proceeding to the floor of the House to grab the Mace.

The Serjeant-at-Arms orderlies struggled to shield the Speaker as irate MCAs confronted him.

In one instance during the fracas, Ekerenyo MCA Thadeous Nyabaro showcased his kickboxing skills on Gesima ward MCA Charles Maroko.

Nyamaiya MCA Raban Masira was also captured squaring it out with his Rigoma ward counterpart.

“MCAs are politicians and they are representing their people. When they disagree it means they are expressing the interests of their people. Let them express themselves as we look for a middle ground,” speaker Teya told journalists.

Watch how the drama unfolded below. Video courtesy of Standard.

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