The 5 Most Popular Cars in the World

April 13, 2021

An estimated 1 billion passenger cars travel the world in thousands of different models. You will find budget, mid-budget, as well as luxury and super luxury cars.

However, cars are not made equal. Some models are released and are a flop, while others hit the market and are great successes; selling millions of units in a single year.

But what do the triumphant models have in common?

Well, they have a reputation for authenticity that goes back decades. They have stood the test of time, with brands like Mercedes, Bentleys, Toyota, and Nissan maintaining their brand and reputation for over half a century.

Having been tried and proven to be true, the most popular cars strike the perfect balance between finesse, efficiency, reliability, safety, and plenty of bang for the buck.

Let’s take a closer look at the world’s chart-toppers, both historically and in the present day.

Ford-F Series

A Ford F-series truck is sold every single minute of the day. This has translated to over 40 million units being sold since the truck was first introduced in 1948. For over 4 decades, the Ford-F series has maintained its chartbuster status and shows no sign of letting up.

The 2011 standard Ford-F Series model costs approximately $23,000, whereas its 1948 forerunner sold for just $1,239. Durable, tough, and indestructible, the Ford-F series popularity is undeniable.

It can easily haul huge massive loads and tow huge trailers; it’s more of the Swiss Army Knife of the auto world.

It’s off-road capabilities, versatility in handling massive cargo, and epic towing capacity have earned it one hell of a dedicated fanbase for generations.

Almost 900,000 units of the Ford-F series were sold in 2019 alone, a track record Ford has maintained for over 3 years. GoodCarBadCar reports that in the US alone, 896,330 F-series trucks were sold in 2017 followed by 909,330 in 2018.

Ford trucks dominate the world stage, there is no getting around it.

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala has spent a better part of its years as Chevrolet’s superhit since its debut in 1958. With a track record of over 14 million sales, the Impala proudly boasts a true testament to long-lasting popularity.

Over the years, it has been transformed from an enormous performance convertible to a stately four-door.

The high-water mark for the Impala was in 1964 when it sold 1,074,925 units. And if all the models were to be included; Bel Airs, Impalas, and Biscaynes’, it would add up to 8.8 million units sold from 1961-1965

Subsequently, the premium interiors, compelling execution, and stunning looks have made the Impala a sustained force on world roads.

Back in the day, an Impala was sold for $2,586, a value that has multiplied almost tenfold –$25,654 in recent years.

As a sedan, convertible, or coupe, the Impala goes beyond a mere car; it’s a rolling embodiment of Chevrolet’s vast reach. It is an affordable option for luxury

By maintaining its near-luxury and comfortable vibe, the Chevrolet Impala continues to wield a high degree of social influence on the global stage.

Nissan Sentra

Built on pillars of affordability, reliability, and practicality, the Nissan Sentra is the only notable rival of the Toyota Corolla saloon. Having started as the Nissan Sunny in 1982, this car has picked up the SUV craze with over 16 million worldwide sales.

A staggering 722,000 units were sold in 2019 alone at a starting price of $19,310.

Sentra’s solid design, decent technology, and superabundant features make it convenient for daily commuting.

The compelling features-per-dollar value gives the Sentra a powerful foundation for an affordable auto that manufacturers can enhance.

The Sentra has a standard safety and convenience package that includes automatic emergency and rear cross-traffic brake systems and oversight monitors.  

The 2021 Nissan Sentra comes with a dynamic personality and advanced technological features. The most important feature being the smartphone integration systems on the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Nissan Sentra is not only spacious and well designed but also a solid performance automobile for drivers longing for a stylish machine.

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Over 10 million units of the Mercedes Benz C-Class have been sold worldwide in the last 28 years since it was first introduced. Many people consider the C-class an upscale luxury car.

Renowned for its high level of comfort, rugged durability, attractive package, and excellent driving dynamics, the C-class appeals to a wide fan base all over the world.

With plenty of technology, powerful engine options, beautiful interiors, decent gas mileage, and comfortable seats, the Mercedes Benz C-Class is a terrific automobile with athletic capabilities.

Ford Model T

Over 16.5 million Ford Model T’s have been sold worldwide since its manufacture. As one of the few truly affordable cars of its time, the model T became a favorite among many due to its simplicity, reliability, and resilience.

Ford Model T has been classified as an impressive, timeless classic and a pioneer of the modern-day automobile industry. In 1928, a Model T cost $366; fast forward 93 years and it cost a whopping $28,000.

For many people, the Model T signified innovation and a modernization era in addition to being an inexpensive mode of transportation. It set the standard for mass production and it was a true game-changer in both social and entrepreneurial perspectives.

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