Meet Natural Hair Blogger, YouTuber Peace Loise

April 12, 2021

Peace Loise, 30, is a natural hair enthusiast, fashionista, digital marketer, and YouTuber. The Nairobi-based content creator is among five people who won the Denri Face of Africa competition in January 2021. She talked to Spice magazine about her passion for natural hair, style, and more.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am mostly known for blogging about natural hair, something I’ve done since 2016. Healthy hair is a big passion of mine.

I also happen to be a trained journalist, a profession I no longer actively practise. But since I still write, I sometimes still call myself a journalist. Ha-ha.

Congratulations on your win. How was the competition for you?

The competition was advertised in November 2020, where Denri was looking for five people to become brand ambassadors of the five counties where Denri has branches.

The competition attracted around 3,000 applicants. The Denri team then shortlisted 15 candidates that they felt identified with their brand among other qualifications.

The team of 15 then went through a voting process and the five people with the most votes won.

My win as Face of Denri Nairobi means I get a one-year brand partnership deal with the company.

Take us through your journey as a natural hair advocate.

I prefer calling myself a natural hair enthusiast. My love for natural hair comes from my journey of identity.

Growing up as a dark-skinned girl I felt like a misfit. I didn’t get as much attention from boys as my light-skinned friends.

When I found the natural hair movement in 2015, it was affirming and I fell in love with my African roots.

Natural hair was the window to self-love for me. I’m so happy I took this path.

How is the response for your YouTubing?

The response has been great. It’s great to hear people say that you’ve helped them grow their hair, have confidence and love themselves.

I’m hoping to grow the audience more not just in Kenya, but also to naturalistas everywhere in the globe.

Which other brands have you partnered or worked with?

I have worked with Darling Kenya, Marini Naturals, TCB Naturals, and Saru Organics on short and long-term projects.

What is your favorite thing about being a Kenyan fashionista?

The favourite thing is the creativity it brings. There is nothing as versatile as the African style; the possibilities are endless.

I love playing around with fashion with the African touch. It’s just beautiful.

Tell us about your brand Peace Pieces.

I started the business in July last year with selling brass earrings, but I decided to introduce head wraps in December.

I’d been thinking of the idea for a while since I’m a lover of head wraps myself.

So, for now those are the two products I’m dealing in, but I’m planning to expand and add a few more items as time goes by.

Give us some reasons women should have head wraps in the closet.

Well, one has to be because you’ll look hella good. There is just something about a girl in a head wrap. It’s her African crown and she can do anything.

Secondly, it’s the convenience head wraps bring. Having a bad hair day? Tie a wrap. In a hurry, tie a wrap. Attending a wedding, rock a wrap. I can go on and on.

Never shall you ever wear…

The Fila disruptor shoes.

Does being a fashionista mean you are always fashion conscious?

Most times yes.

A fashion tip to live by…

Comfort, comfort, comfort. There are so many days I’ve planned to dress up a certain way and ended up switching the whole outfit because I wasn’t comfortable in it.

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