Eric Omondi: Wife Material is Perfect. Nothing Will Change

April 9, 2021

Comedian Eric Omondi has once again defended his controversial reality show ‘Wife Material’ saying it is perfect.

Explaining the idea behind the first-of-a-kind production, Omondi said he wanted to do something out of his comfort zone.

“I have done stand-up comedy for more than 20 years and I will always be a stand-up comedian, but so that I don’t bore Kenyans, I tried something new. Imagine eating Sukumawiki and Ugali every day; it becomes boring. Sometimes you need to try beef or Chapati here and there,” said the funnyman.

“Entertainment calls for unpredictability, not doing the same jokes over and over, the same stand-up. And that is why right now I’m targeting East Africa, and that means I have to change. Also, that is why we are fighting with [Kenya Film Classification Board CEO] Mutua.”

According to Eric, the infamous ‘moral cop’ condemned ‘Wife Material’ because he is closed-minded.

“To him (Ezekiel Mutua), these things are strange and new even to Kenyans, but in this case, I’m a freedom fighter,” he said.

Eric Omondi said his only mistake was airing ‘Wife Material’ without a PG rating. He maintained that the show is perfect and will proceed as previously planned.

“I will not change the context of the show. All I will do is rate it and show that it is over 21years plus. Nothing will change. Like the English men say, ‘If it is not broken don’t fix it’. Wife Material is perfect. The only problem is that I did not specify that only 21+ years are allowed to watch it,” Eric Omondi said.


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