KCSE Candidate Assaults Policewoman After Refusing to be Searched

April 9, 2021

There was a drama at Kariguini Mixed Secondary School in Lari, Kiambu County on Wednesday after a KCSE candidate attacked a police officer.

The student, Christopher Njoroge, reportedly turned rowdy after the exam supervisor, Gilbert Kilonzo Munyao, demanded to frisk him before the beginning of the CRE Paper 1 test.

The learner, who was also questioned for not wearing a mask, refused to be searched prompting one of the police officers stationed at the examination centre to intervene.

The student then verbally and physically attacked the policewoman identified as Lennah Laurence.

A second officer came to her rescue before the student ran out of the examination room. He then picked a stone and hurled it at a police vehicle before fleeing from the school without sitting the test.

“When the other police officer came to intervene, the said student ran out of the exam room, picked a stone and hit the windscreen of a police Landcruiser attached to CIPU Sub-county headquarters, Lari. The said student then vanished in the neighborhood without writing CRE Paper 1 exam,” reads the police report.

Authorities restored normalcy as the remaining students continued with exams without further disruption.

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