DP Ruto – If I Were President, I Would Never Allow My Deputy to be Humiliated

April 19, 2021

Deputy President William Ruto has cried foul at Uhuru Kenyatta’s failure to shield him from humiliation by individuals close to the president.

Speaking in an interview on Citizen TV, Ruto said should he become President he would never allow his deputy to be humiliated the way he has been humiliated.

“Very many deputy presidents are fought. It is an unfortunate situation. Given an opportunity, I would not allow my deputy president to be humiliated the way former deputy presidents have been humiliated and the way I have been humiliated,” said Ruto.

The DP further noted that Uhuru’s leadership style changed after the 2017 elections as he prioritized other agendas like BBI  and opted to have other people in his inner circle to advice him on the mode of operation.

“The way I worked with my boss from 2013-2017 is different from the way we have worked from 2017 to now and it is a change of style. From 2013-2017 we worked as a pair and we conducted government business in a manner in which we agreed. I held most of the meetings of the Cabinet meetings,” he said.

“The president has broken no law he has just chosen a different style. It is his prerogative. My space is to advice the president and which advice, which when sort, I have been very forthright and honest. If the president decides to deliver government business in a different way and elevate other people, consult more with the former leader of opposition and work with other ministers to deliver government business, I have taken it with grace. You have not heard me complain because of the respect I have for the office of the president,” said Ruto.

At the same time, Ruto said when he decided to support Uhuru Kenyatta in 2012, he did not do so on condition that Uhuru would return the favour.

“When I decided to support Uhuru Kenyatta, I did not give him any conditions… I did not tell him that when he finishes, he should hand over the baton to me. I knew I would have to assemble myself and face the people of Kenya with an agenda,” said Ruto.

“There has been a narrative built because the President said, Yangu kumi ya Ruto kumi. I have never said such kind of a statement. The President is an adult, he can change his mind… I will not take offence because he owes me nothing. The President remains my friend whether he supports me or not… we have been together since KANU days, we work together we were taken to the Hague together… so he remains my friend,” said the DP.

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