COVID Crisis in Nairobi Assembly as Over 40 MCAs Test Positive

April 7, 2021
Nairobi Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura

No sooner had the Nairobi County Assembly resumed its sittings on Tuesday after a two-week recess than it adjourned proceedings following a spike in Covid-19 cases.

In a statement on Tuesday, Speaker Benson Mutura said more than 40 members of the Assembly had tested positive for the deadly virus.

While moving the motion to adjourn, Nairobi assembly Majority leader Abdi Guyo said he is one of 35 MCAs who have recovered from the virus.

He said four MCAs are hospitalised, two of whom are fighting for their lives on oxygen support machines.

“One of my close friends told me he had contracted the virus, so that is how I ended up going for a test. I contracted Covid-19 about three weeks ago and, unfortunately, some of my family members, including my wife, were infected. However, we were all asymptomatic,” Guyo said.

Majority Leader Abdi Guyo

Adding: “I don’t see why people shy away from revealing their status. If you care about your loved ones and colleagues tell them if you have contracted Covid. That way they can take the necessary measures to deal with it.”

“I’m lucky enough to have a good friend who revealed to me his status and I acted immediately. That is why I’m now talking about it after being declared Covid-19 free on Saturday.”

The Matopeni/Springvalley MCA said the Assembly will now suspend its plenary sittings indefinitely till the cases subside.

Unlike Guyo who recovered without developing symptoms, Health committee chairman Peter Warutere said he had a brush with death after he tested positive for Covid-19 in India.

“We had tested negative for Covid about two weeks ago before leaving for India but when we arrived we started having some symptoms. I suspect we contracted the virus either on air or at the hotel we stayed in,” said Warutere.

Roysambu MCA Peter Warutere

“Contracting Covid-19 in a foreign land can easily kill you because none of your loved ones is around to support you. My body temperature shot to almost 40,” he added.

“Although I was under medication, I lost 7kg while I was in India within two weeks since  I could not eat because the food there is too spicy. Now I am eating a lot to regain my lost weight.”

The health chairman said he returned to Kenya on Monday after testing negative.

“I almost kissed death and all I can say is I’m lucky to be back home alive and Covid -19 free,” Warutere said.

While suspending sittings, Speaker Benson Mutura said committees of the House can continue meeting virtually in case there is important business brought before them.

“I now propose to suspend Tuesday and Thursday sittings, and any other sittings as may arise, like committees, will be done virtually. The clerk of the assembly is requested to facilitate all other committee meetings virtually,” said Mr Mutura.

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