Things To Know About Digital Marketer Glory Nyaruai

March 29, 2021

Glory Nyaruai is a digital marketer and lifestyle content creator who describes herself as a fashion & travel enthusiast.


In three words, I would describe myself as disciplined, self-driven & fun.

What I love about my job is how many “Omg whaaat?” moments I have in a week. I get to learn so many new things in just one week. Either about people, brands, or about marketing in general.

My favourite food is WARU! Definitely. Potatoes are so versatile and I love that. I mean, masala fries, bhajias, mashed potatoes, hash browns? And there’s more? Ah. Potatoes are unmatched.

My favourite restaurant is Talisman, Karen. I love it there so much. The vibe, the service, the food, and the convenience in terms of location for me.

My affirmation for today is “I can. And I will.”

I love watching Showmax when I have some time to myself. I love the selection they have!

I prefer sandals or heels to flats or sneakers. I’m your typical girly-girl.

People prefer Instagram to Twitter? Twitter is so much better on all fronts in my opinion. Whether it’s news, sports, entertainment. Twitter is my favourite app, hands down.

My top local destination is Watamu. It’s one of those places I doubt I’ll ever get over. I actually hope to own a beach property there someday.

 My dream destinations are Marrakech, Morocco, and Jamaica (Montego Bay and Negril).

My most replayed song at the moment is “You’re Mines Still” by Yung Bleu & Drake

I would like to be remembered for being so true to myself that I inspired others to be themselves at all times without fear of other people’s opinions and without the fear that being themselves will not be rewarding enough.

I also want to be remembered for having given other people a chance whenever I was in a position to and for believing in their aspirations and dreams so deeply even when they didn’t.

The best gift I have ever received would be the Sankara spa voucher I received some time back. Being gifted experiences is where it’s at. Spa vouchers, trips, and more.

 At this time in my life, I am most excited about traveling. I am trying to travel as often as I can.

I cannot live without my phone. Wow. I’m not even sure where my day would start without it. Even my to do list is there.

My favourite sound is that of water. Whether it’s the beach, the rain or me just pouring water into a glass. The sound of water has a calming effect on me.

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