Lovy Longomba: God Told Me Christian is Leaving on the Day He Died

March 17, 2021

Musician-turned preacher Lovy Longomba says he wasn’t exactly surprised by the death of his brother Christian because God had told him about it.

Lovy, a self-proclaimed prophet and healer, said God spoke to him on the day(Saturday) Christian Longomba succumbed in a hospital in Los Angeles.

“My brother fought for a long time. Sometimes to know things prophetically, is not always the best, but God knows.

“On the day that he was leaving, God spoke to me and told me, ‘Christian is leaving today.’ I tried everything, spiritually, physically, and materially to keep him here, but man, when God speaks, God speaks and there is nothing you can do about it and it is always for the better. Even in this, Jesus is still glorified,” said the LA-based preacher.

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Adding: “I’m not crying because I don’t know where Christian is, I know where he is, God told me exactly when it was going to happen, we are not surprised by it, you know, living through it is a different thing.”

The founder of Revelation Church Of Jesus Christ (RCJC Ministries) also dismissed reports that Christian Longomba succumbed to brain cancer.

He explained that Christian died as a result of brain injuries caused by a surgery he underwent six years ago to remove a tumor.

“The tumor wasn’t cancerous, it was malignant but stage 4 meningioma (a tumor that forms on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull). Surgeons took the tumor out but it was so big, really big. It grew over time and was pushing the brain on one side,” Lovy said.

The tumor was successfully removed in 2015.

“So, when they took it out, there was some damage done to the brain tissue that was really severe. The first two years Christian was fine and then the complication from the damage is what caused a lot of things. The overall damage to the brain. The tumor was removed once and for all it never came back,” he said.

Lovy added that doctors gave Christian only two years to live but he went to live for five years and several months.

“The doctors did not expect him to live more than two to three years but Christian outlived that by many years,” he said.

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