Gospel Musician Dennis Mutara Set For Rehab After Detox

March 18, 2021

Kikuyu gospel musician Dennis Mutara is headed to rehab after undergoing three weeks of detox.

On Monday night, fellow gospel singers went live on Facebook to raise money for his rehab. They managed to raise over Sh500,000 during the three-hour live session.

“Dennis is now well and discharged from Avenue hospital after a successful three weeks detox sessions. Now on to the next phase of pure rehabilitation,” said comedian Kiengei.

Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege is said to have settled the singer’s hospital bill.

Last month, Mutara was the talk o the town after a video clip detailing his troubles emerged.

The clip was from an interview with Kenya Diaspora Media USA, where the host Jeremy Damaris, said Mutara was battling depression that had pushed him into alcoholism.

During the interview, Mutara’s health appeared to be deteriorating and he could not speak fluently. He also seemed to be in denial but admitted that he needed help.

When asked if he was using alcohol, Dennis said; “It is not true that I have been using alcohol.”

The video was taken down from YouTube following an uproar from some Kikuyu gospel singers who said it was not in good taste.

During the live session on Monday, the singers among them Shiro wa GP apologised for bashing Jeremy over the video.

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