Uhuru’s Look-alike Michael Njogo Gitonga Joins Rehab

March 18, 2021

Michael Njogo Gitonga, the Umoja resident with an uncanny resemblance to President Uhuru Kenyatta has joined rehab.

Gitonga shot to instant fame last year after his photos were shared online. He was then interviewed on TV and radio stations as corporates clamored for his services as an influencer for their products

However, his fame was short-lived akin to the once-famous Githeriman, after it was reported that he was back on the brown bottle.

Independent journalist Caroline Njeri Carls, who has been following up on Gitonga, provided an update yesterday, March 17 indicating that the Uhuru Kenyatta doppleganger had joined a rehabilitation centre.

“After highlighting the story of Uhunye wa Umoja, he agreed to go a rehab centre called Serenity. He reported today supported by his wife Angelica and friend Matheri,” said Caroline.

She added: “Update! Forgot to mention that the cost of rehabilitation was KSh 200,000 and the management of Serenity offered to take care of it. We wish Michael the best. The management of the rehab centre agreed that I can do a follow up later on, and I will be happy to take it up.”

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