Whether we would like to admit it or not, we have all had our fair share of “clown moments”.

A clown moment, for those of you that live under a rock, is an instance where one does a ridiculously stupid thing for someone they love.

Usually, these moments are characterised by poor judgement, a sheer lack of self-respect, and crippling low self-esteem, followed by intense feelings of shame and free personal character development building. Lol!

If you’ve never had a clown moment, too bad, your day is around the corner. Love really does make you do stupid things.

Unlike some of us, one individual who is not embarrassed to share their clown moment is the popular Instagram personality Corazon Kwamboka.

The mother of one did a stupid thing for love two months after her 2018 break up with her former Italian boo, Gaetano Amato, who is based in Rome.

The former lovebirds, according to Corazon, broke up due to the long-distance strain on their one-year relationship.

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In a desperate attempt to get her man back, Corazon came up with a plan to fly to Paris because the French capital is only a flight hour away from Rome.

“My naive self thought I’d never be able to live without him, so I decided to curate a plan to try and get his attention/ get him back…

“I packed my bags, collected some coins from my bank and off I went to Paris, just 1 hr flight from Rome.. close enough ????. I’m literally laughing writing this(sic),” Kwamboka shared.

Adding: “In my silly little mind, he’d see I’m in Paris, call me and we’d get back together ??.”

Woe unto the booty-famous sportswear entrepreneur! She did not even get a booty call…You know?  The one we all make for “old time’s sake”?

Corazon continued: “Only to not even receive a call looool!!!”

The vlogger narrated that she resolved to holiday in France and Ibiza.

“So I did a solo trip, France for a week and Ibiza for a week then came back to Kenya. I was miserable the whole trip,” she said.

Just imagine being miserable in France and Ibiza! Damn!

Corazon shared her clown moment with her over 700k followers on Instagram to inspire young girls who might be going through a heartbreak.

“I didn’t know the plan God had for me and my future, I thought I’d never be able to fall in love again,” she wrote.

Ms Kwamboka also published a photo she had taken during the miserable trip. She captioned it: “See how skinny I was… stress ??. I had broken up with my ex like 2 months before this moment.”

Luckily, one man’s poison is another man’s meat; Corazon found love in the gym instructor Frankie Justgymit, and the rest is history.

“To any young girl going through a heartbreak, it might feel like you’ll never heal and things will never be the same, they won’t be the same, they’ll be better. You’ll fall in love again, you’ll be happy again and you’ll heal. So if you need to cry now, do it. But remember it’s not the end, days will turn to weeks, weeks into months, you’ll learn to love again, you’ll heal,” Corazon concluded.