Tahidi High’s Omosh Living in Abject Poverty, Sheds Tears and Begs for Sh200 a Day Casual Job

February 13, 2021

He was once one of the biggest names in local television, but now Omosh is out of work, and money.

Real name Joseph Kinuthia Kamau, the actor has been away from our TV screens since the days of Tahidi High, where he was one of the pioneer cast members.

The long-running show on Citizen TV gave him national recognition and a constant pay cheque.

While some cast members like OJ, Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja have gone on to do other creative projects, Omosh has hit a rough patch. A very rough one.

The actor appeared on a YouTube interview explaining his predicament to Kenyans, pleading for any help.

He says he has not had a job in a long time, and has a whole year in rent arrears. He is facing eviction over Sh150,000 in arrears.

“I live in Kayole near the DOs office. My rent is KSh 8,000 per month,” he said.

He added that his professional contacts like the actors he worked with have been unreachable and unhelpful.

The actor broke into tears as he narrated his situation. He spoke of how on certain days he will dress up, take a walk to nowhere and just cry to his God.

“Life has been so difficult. I cannot provide meals for my family. My children are even wondering what has become of me.

“Everything came to a standstill. Our show was cancelled. My side hustles were closed, I just found myself home.

“I get home and look at my kids wondering what they will eat. I have no idea.

“I’ve lost 10 Kgs in 1 year.” he said.

He is now surviving on the goodwill of friends and neighbors.

The actor is willing to accept any job, including casual ones. “I just want a job, even if I will be getting Ksh200 a day… I’m a good driver, I can serve in your hotel..”

You can reach him on: 0727 05 41 41

Watch the full interview.

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