I Will Not Be Succeeded By A Thief, Uhuru Says

February 12, 2021

President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again reiterated that he will retire after the end of his tenure in 2022. He, however, says he will ensure that his successor is not a thief.

The Head of State was speaking to a crowd that stopped his convoy in Nairobi Wednesday.

President Kenyatta said his wish is to leave a united Kenya in which citizens work together in peace and harmony to uplift themselves and develop the country.

“I have no problem going home next year. But my aim is to ensure all those who will take over from me will not be thieves and harass citizens. My aim is to make sure they will have the urge to unite the country,” he said.

Adding: “I want the next government to foster unity among our people not divide them.”

At the same time, the president said he was not particularly bothered by politicians who go around insulting him. He insisted that he is committed to fulfilling his pledges.

“Tell those who are insulting me, I do not care. My purpose is to serve Kenyans. I will ensure I fulfill my promise to them,” said Kenyatta.

“I am focused on fulfilling my promises to Kenyans…some have suggested that I may cling on to power. I know I am going home next year…I do not have a problem with that,” he stated.

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