Christian Kadima: Ex-Girlfriend Of Murder Suspect Says She Had Warned Deceased Lawyer

January 12, 2021

A woman who reportedly dated Christian Kadima, the suspect linked to the murder of lawyer Elizabeth Koki Musyoki, has revealed more details about the man.

The woman who sought anonymity said she met Christian in October 2017 through Tinder, Tuko News reported. She reportedly told the online tabloid that Kadima was a charming pathological liar with violent tendencies.

The suspect told the woman that he came to Kenya in 2017 and was staying in Nairobi’s Pangani area.

“We started chatting and talked for long without meeting. That’s how we fostered our friendship. He then randomly called and said his roommate was moving to their family house and needed me to accommodate him for two days. The two days turned to close to two years,” the lady was quoted by Tuko.

During that time, the two fell in love, with the woman going as far as introducing Kadima to her parents.

“He was a narcissist. Though I only came to know this when we broke up because my friends wondered how we stayed long in a relationship. He was however, a pathological liar, a very smooth talker that one will easily fall for,” she said.

However, things started going South when Kadima would get angry and leave the house for days without explanation.

“He would go missing for days leaving me worried because he was a foreigner. I thought he was hanging out with friends but found out he had many other women where he used to disappear to. He used to accuse me of cheating on him whenever he knew I had discovered something wrong,” said the lady.

She recounted an incident where Christian Kadima turned violent after they had returned home from a party.

“He hurled a whisky glass to me and began choking me. I was shocked to see blood everywhere but he pleaded with me not to call the police. He had badly cut my small finger and I needed 12 stitches. We broke up like thrice but he could just find a way of winning my heart back,” she said.

The woman also mentioned that she had communicated with the deceased Elizabeth Koki and told her about Kadima. Apparently, Koki reached out to her in June 2020 asking about the suspect because he had hit her(Koki).

“She introduced herself saying she had reached out because she found out I was her lover’s ex-girlfriend. She asked if he had a violent history. I honestly told her the guy was bad news and she needed to report to police as she had planned,” she said.

“Koki promised me that the man had landed himself in trouble because she would get him arrested and prosecuted because she was a lawyer. I was relieved because we were afraid he would prey on other women and hurt them. I thought she pursued the story but sadly she ended up being the victim. Sadly is that this man used to be that perfect guy. There was a way he could talk well and persuade you. I don’t blame Koki for letting him back because I was there and would fall for his persuasion. I feel bad for Koki because I gave her all the information but never knew she would go back to him,” the lady added.

Kadima was arraigned at the Mavoko Law Courts on Monday and will remain in police custody for 14 days.

The case will be mentioned on January 25, 2021.

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