Bahati Tells Uhuru, “You’re Killing Our Careers”

January 5, 2021

New year, same old Bahati! The controversial singer has started 2021 with a bit of a PR stunt ahead of releasing his first song of the year.

On Sunday, January 3, Bahati penned and published an open letter addressed to President Uhuru Kenyatta lamenting the extension of the nationwide curfew.

Taking to social media after the President pushed the curfew to March 12, 2021, the Wanani hitmaker argued that Uhuru’s revised Covid-19 protocols are stifling Kenya’s creative industry.

“Dear Mr President; Happy New Year… This is 2021; No PR No Stunts No Kikis… Just to Let You Know that this Musicians are Someones Husbands, Wifes, Dads and Mums[sic]. Yes, we have People Who Fully Depend on us and We Have employees too,” Bahati wrote in part.

According to the EMB Records founder, creatives who earn a living through performances and public gatherings have been suffering since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bahati further claimed that creatives did not receive the Ksh100 million stimulus package that was awarded in March last year.

“Your Excellency I don’t Know if in Your Cabinet there’s anyone Who Cares about The Creative Industry; the Djs, Event organizers or anything Concerning the Entertainment Industry… But if You keep Locking Down the Economy and Limiting Events that We fully Depend on that’s SIMPLY KILLING OUR CAREERS!!!

He went on to add: “We Kids Just like Yours and its our Cry You Reason with us as a Father. Ata ile 100M hatukuipata but we are still pushing… We are Making Hits that are not paying us Back??? Dear Mr President Remember and Consider the Creatives & The Entertainment Industry.

A day after penning the letter that Uhuru will never read, Bahati went ahead to release his new single dubbed ‘Tomato’.

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