Zari Claps Back After Being Told Diamond Will Dump Her

November 12, 2020

Zari Hassan has once again been forced to clap back at a troll who claimed that Diamond will dump her again.

Just a day after she addressed fat-shaming trolls over her weight gain, the South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman was forced to distance herself from the father of her kids after a fan identified as Nyakandito Min Nyiri presumed the two were back together.

He will still dump you,” said the troll.

In her response, the mother of five asserted that she is not back with Diamond.

“@nyakandito_min_nyiri how will he dump me when I’m not even dating him. Touch your heart and say a lil prayer for that bitter heart. Now repeat after me… Amen!” wrote Zari.

Zari also clarified that her return to Tanzania was for the sake of their kids who had not seen their father in two years.

“Tuko home, but there is a lot of things happening on social media, lakini for me I brought the kids because their Father want to see them and hakuweza Kuja because he had a lot of things lined up for him. He really wanted to see the kids, it’s been two years, and that’s understandable.” she said.

‘There is one thing as Africans we don’t understand, hatuelewi what’s Co-parenting, naweza kuja hata if he got somebody because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us because we are Co-Parenting,” Zari explained.

She added: “Watu wengine wanasema sijui ataishia Kwake, sijui wamerudina but no, I’m just here for the kids and we are looking forward to having a good time with the kids and that’s all. Am just here for the kids and I’m sure he is here also for the same aspect.”

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