Why Tallia Oyando Stopped Posting Family On Social Media

November 12, 2020

Reggae empress Tallia Oyando has sounded a warning over a cybercriminal who has been impersonating her on social media and using her brand to swindle unsuspecting fans of their money.

The ‘One Love’ show presenter Wednesday exposed the pseudo account going by the name Talia Oyando on Facebook. She shared a screenshot of a recent post in which the person behind the fake account published her picture with a malicious caption about the cold weather.

The post reads: “Napenda sana hii weather. Nani ako an kuni imekauka?”

Tallia said she has been trying for over a year to have Facebook take down the page to no avail.

“This picture has been doing rounds and has landed on my what’s app so many times .:.: THIS IS A FAKE @facebook PAGE for over a year I have asked Facebook to take it down and nothing has been done. This same person is conning people asking them for money and talking about Sure odds (whatever that is) if you fall for their lies that’s on you because anyone who knows me knows I don’t talk like this,” Tallia warned.

The mother of one said her impersonator has also used pictures of her family which is why she stopped posting them on her social pages.

“They have used pictures of my child, my grandmother and you see why I stopped posting my family on social media because of this nonsense because someone can’t get their ass up to go get a job ..:: The phone numbers associated with this page are 0704199656 and 0796133259 and 0795963406 and 0727165998….. you may laugh it may seem funny to you but it’s mentally draining to me,” Tallia posted.

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