‘Shh! Tuko Works’ NMS Shushes Sonko Over Pipeline Garbage

November 10, 2020

Just as we predicted when General Mohammed Badi and Sonko ‘reconciled’ following Uhuru’s intervention, it did not take long before the Nairobi governor revived his petty attacks against the NMS boss.

This past Sunday, Sonko went a notch higher blasting both President Kenyatta and General Badi over piles of garbage in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate.

In a sarcastic post on all his socials, Sonko referred to Uhuru as a supergovernor and Badi as Sadaam Hussein as he lauded the pair for a ”good job”.

“Nairobi Super Governor who is also the President of the Republic of Kenya and commander in chief of Defence forces Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Saddam Hussein really overworking in Pipeline Embakasi South Constituency. Keep up with the good job,” he wrote.

This sparked a response from NMS, which shushed Sonko through its official Twitter handle, @NMS_Kenya on Monday.

The national govt entity which is in charge of key Nairobi county functions referred to the besieged governor as a saboteur.

“As saboteurs and detractors heap garbage on time lines, NMS and the people of Nairobi desirous and fully cognizant of their role in a clean environment are at work each day 3000 tonnes against meagre kilos collected in the past closer to a clean city, a green City. #sshtukoworks” NMS tweeted.

Some Twitter reactions:

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