NMS Boss Badi, Sonko ‘Kiss and Make Up’ For The Second Time

August 13, 2020

Nairobi Metropolitan Service Director-General Mohammed Badi and Governor Mike Sonko have once again vowed to work together after weeks of feuding.

Just like they did in early June, it took the intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta to bring the two on the same page.

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The President put Badi and Sonko on the spot Wednesday during the issuance of title deeds at the KICC grounds.

I want to congratulate NMS for their work in the past two months they have done more than 200 boreholes in the slums and we have more projects to ensure our people get free water and a clean environment with a functioning sewerage system.

This is why I want these two (Badi and Sonko) to work together. Sonko, stop playing politics. The General has no interest in your seat or that of any MCA. He is my General and when he finishes this work I will send him back to KDF to continue defending Kenyans,” said Uhuru.

In a joint press address, Badi and Sonko said they had formed a new working relationship after meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sonko, who only seems to be in his best behavior when the President comes calling, apologised to Badi saying he was being misled by politicians.

I want to say I have heard the President’s message and as the Governor I agree that Nairobi is more important than politicians. Maneno yote mabaya nimeongea kwa ndugu yangi Badi namwambia pole. Wanasiasa waliingilia katikati na siasa mbaya,” Sonko said.

Adding: “Haja yetu sisi ni maendeleo and going forward we will work together to serve Nairobi people.”

This comes just a day after Sonko likened Badi to the late Saddam Hussein during the funeral of the late Gabriel Maina, a resident of Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums who died during the demolition of houses in the area.

“So General Badi, please, we have lost one person. I am in pain for his soul. The county government promises to ensure the family of the deceased is compensated. Let us not play politics with peoples’ lives. To the people saying I don’t respect the NMS, I just want to tell that Saddam Hussein to respect the lives of Nairobians,” Sonko said Tuesday.

On his part, Badi said he did not harbor any ill feelings towards Sonko and reiterated that he is only committed to delivering services to Nairobians.

“I want to thank the Governor because we have resolved the differences between NMS and the Governor’s team. There is no hate between us and as you have heard our interest is to deliver services to the people of Nairobi and bring development,” said the army man.

The NMS boss said he will be seen more often with Sonko, starting on Friday when they will launch the Michuki Park together.

“Moving forward we will be on the ground together and that is what is expected of us to bring development in Nairobi,” said Badi.

It remains to be seen how long Sonko will put up the act before Uhuru is forced to mediate for the third time.

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