Kasarani Woman Fearing For Her Life After Cop Ex-Boyfriend Vandalized Her Car, House

November 4, 2020

A city businesswoman is living in fear after her lover broke into her house and destroyed property of unknown value.

Jane Wanjiku Mbugua said her boyfriend, a police officer known as Kariuki, stormed her home in Kasarani, Nairobi on Saturday, October 31, and smashed her car windows. The businesswoman who was not at home during the raid said Kariuki also vandalized her bungalow.

According to witness accounts, the officer attached to Hurlingham East police station was armed with a gun and a machete. He allegedly threatened anyone who tried to stop him.

“I saw him and called him by his names but he told me to leave him alone if I wanted to be alive,” said one of the neighbours.

According to the woman, their fallout began after she refused to pay her lover’s car loan. The middle-aged woman said they broke up three months ago following a disagreement.

“On Saturday, around 6:30pm, my ex-boyfriend came to my place in Kamulu, jumped over the fence and accessed my house through one of the windows. He, thereafter, embarked on property destruction. He smashed all my window panes, destroyed my TV set worth Ksh60,000, smashed all my bulbs and struck all my car windows and lights,” Wanjiku said as quoted by various news sources.

“I was not at home, it was around 6:30 pm when he called me and said that that he had broken into my house,” said Wanjiku.

“When we started dating, he moved in with me. There is nothing in that house that he bought; the residential property, the car, everything in the house was acquired by me, using my own money. I, therefore, fail to understand why he vandalized my property.”

“He has a grudge because when we were dating, he took a car loan. I was helping him pay the loan. However, after we broke up three months ago, I stopped and told him that I was not in a position to. It was then that he started threatening me, saying he would kill me. He often said something bad will happen to one of us,” she added.

The mother of one appealed to Women’s Rights Defenders for help saying her life is in danger.

“I am afraid because I have reported the case but I am yet to see any action being taken. I have not been spending my nights in my house but have been seeking refuge in my neighbours’ houses,” she said.

Kayole OCPD Paul Wambogo said investigations into Wanjiku’s allegations have commenced, and that the suspect will be arrested soon.

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