In-laws Force Sosuun To End 10-year Marriage With Kenrazy

November 10, 2020

Kenya’s music couple Kenrazy and Sosuun have ended their 10-year marriage, with the mother of two attributing the split to toxic in-laws.

In a long social media post, Sosuun cried foul saying Kenrazy’s family never accepted nor loved her from the first time they met her. According to Sosuun, she resorted to walking out of the marriage for the sake of their two daughters and her well-being.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but if the trauma is too much to bear let them have their son/brother and walk out. Nobody understands the pain a woman carries as years go by from in laws who never find you enough. They always find a loophole in their family just because you are part of it.

“I have experienced that and I have to act accordingly for the protection of my daughters and for my own mental fitness,” Sosuun wrote.

Sosuun lamented that during family gatherings, everyone’s mood would change when she joined them.

“The fact that you get to a family gathering and everyone’s mood changes, you are left in a state of should I say hi or not? Should I smile or stay cold as they are?” she wondered.

Sosuun further noted that having an alcoholic mother didn’t do her any favors with Kenrazy’s family.

“Unlucky for me, her state has made me look like a nobody to some, if not all, my in-laws. I have been called out of my family name into ‘chokora’, not just referring to me but my siblings,” she said.

While at it, the ‘Sura Ya Kazi’ hitmaker apologized to Kenrazy for airing their dirty linen in public.

“To the love of my life I am sorry I had to open up like this but for once I had to choose myself….Make it a priority to Love yourself ❤️” she wrote.

Here are screenshots of Sosuun’s full statement.


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