How To Make A Wedding Video From Photos

November 10, 2020

One of the most memorable days of a person’s life is his wedding day, and people make every possible effort to make the day memorable. With the advent of technology, weddings can now be treasured and kept alive forever. 

Today wedding videos can be readily made from photos. These videos are in the form of slide shows and have become very popular amongst people. Make use of several photo video converter tools available online to create a video. 

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Wedding Video From Photograph

A wedding video from photos is a sure-fire way to keep your memories alive and fresh. Years later, when you look at the video,  you will remember the first rehearsal dinner, your engagement party, the romantic moments, and the get-together with your friends and family. Follow all the steps, as mentioned below, to create the perfect video from photos.

The Right Software 

Creating a video from a photo is done in the form of a slideshow. You need the perfect software to ensure your production quality is not hampered, and the desired output is achieved. 

For instance, if you have a Mac computer, you can use the iPhoto software to create the slideshow. There are also free slideshow makers available on the internet. You can search for slideshow building tools on Google.

It is also essential to ensure that all images are consistent in size and quality. Using a helpful photo size converter can streamline this process by allowing you to easily resize images to fit your video’s specifications.

Select The Best Pictures 

This is the fun part. Go through the wedding photographs received from the photographers and your friends. Go through each of the Facebook albums and hunt for the tagged pictures. Check your Instagram and Snapchat to save all the images in your system, and upload it into the software. 

You may also want to include pictures from your courtship days and include your relationship’s milestone moments. If you have been given a beautiful proposal and you are lucky enough to capture it, include that as well. 

You can play the video collage at a family reunion, on your wedding anniversary, or during any festivity to cherish the special bond together.

Tenure And Capacity 

With the slide show tool makers, you can either keep playing the slideshow for the entire event or create a small one and repeat it with different music. A presentation with a set timeline will run for the entire duration of the party. If it is a short one, the slideshow will repeat. 

However, it’s best to keep it short, and we recommend to keep it under 5 minutes. Don’t bore your guests and also save some for your private moments. The number of photos depend on several factors, but for 5 minutes, 60 – 70 photographs are enough. Suppose you do not have so many photographs, a slideshow for a minute or two is enough to lighten up your evening and start the show. 

Music For The Slideshow 

A wedding video demands a romantic track. You can either include a single composition or a combination of several tracks. Try putting slow songs that are rhythmic instead of loud, fast-paced ones. 

If it is a wedding video, keep it traditional. You can also compare your wedding video with a film or a series that you think resembles yours. It will create a theme for the video and help you gather more pieces to make it creative and fun. If possible, add the music track instead of the song. 

Friends And Family 

Add photos of your friends and family in the video. It will please them to find themselves on the screen, and it will also make them realize that you consider them to be an important part of your life. 

Photography in a wedding is a task, and a photographer must be well informed beforehand, for your special day, about the list of people you want covered. Don’t fail to express to your close ones that it means a lot for you, for them to be present on your big day. 

Explain Well 

When it comes to a slide show, it’s best if you leave an explanation. If a slide dates back to the time of your courtship days, keep small notes addressing the memory. If there are many relatives in a picture and share a special bond with each, try adding an animated slide with everyone’s names with a special message. 

Refrain from adding a lot of text because people find it less interesting when a beautiful piece of art contains a lot of readable content. Keep the size of the text viewable and keep it on different slides. The videos can be watched on mobile, TV screens, and computer – so make sure your presentation fits well in each of these. 


A beautiful slideshow is possible if the pictures are of good quality, and you finally succeed in gathering pictures of everybody. Research well about the free tools that will help you make the video. Give it a good animation and romantic background. Simply create a connection that’s virtual yet quite possible to be felt. The right use of tools, the right photographs, and the right skills will make your effort wonderful to reminisce your memories forever.

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