The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Friday October 9)

October 9, 2020

Here are some of today’s biggest headlines from select sources around the world.

Trump says he won’t participate in next debate after commission announces it will be virtual

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will not participate in the second presidential debate with Joe Biden after the Commission on Presidential Debates said the event will be held virtually in the wake of the President’s positive coronavirus diagnosis.

Analysis: Donald Trump just got another excuse if he loses the 2020 election

On its face, President Donald Trump’s immediate insistence that he will not participate in a virtual second debate in a week’s time makes very, very little political sense.

Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to American poet Louise Glück

Written by Emma Reynolds, CNN The 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to the US poet Louise Glück “for her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.” She is the first American to win the prestigious award since Bob Dylan was honored in 2016.

Cocaine-filled plane crashes in Mexico

A light aircraft carrying almost half a ton of cocaine crashed in central Mexico after a high-speed airborne chase with authorities, and two people aboard died, the defense ministry said on Wednesday.

North Korean diplomat who went missing in Italy two years ago has defected to South Korea

A top North Korean diplomat who went missing in Italy two years ago is now living in South Korea, making him one of the regime’s most high profile officials to defect in decades.

Nigerian migrant worker burned alive in Libya

Three Libyan men have been arrested after they burned a Nigerian man alive in the capital Tripoli on Wednesday, according to the Libyan interior ministry and the United Nations.

Footage of a Kansas City officer kneeling on the back of a pregnant woman sparks ongoing protest

Protesters upset by social media videos of Kansas City police arresting a pregnant woman have now occupied the lawn in front of City Hall for more than five days.

Biden crosses 270 threshold in CNN’s Electoral College outlook for first time

Joe Biden is surging in the battle for the White House with less than four weeks to go until Election Day.

Samsung earnings soar as smartphone sales rebound and rival Huawei struggles

Samsung predicts its profit jumped nearly 60% last quarter, suggesting it will retake its position as the world’s top smartphone seller as the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic eases and US sanctions against rival Huawei bite.

Trump Refuses To Participate In Virtual Presidential Debate

President Donald Trump said he won’t participate in next week’s presidential debate after organizers announced it would be held virtually “in order to protect the health and safety of all involved.” Trump, still recovering from COVID-19, said the debate format change announced earlier Thursday by the Commission on Presidential Debates was unacceptable.

Mike Pence Refuses During Debate To Accept Election Results

he would accept the results of the November election if he loses, citing discredited conspiracy theories about mail-in voting. During Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, President Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to say whether Mike Pence joined Trump in undermining the legitimacy of the country’s democratic process by saying he believes that supposed voter fraud might taint the outcome.

‘I’m not going to do a virtual debate’ says Trump days after COVID-19 diagnosis

Welp, it’s official: Donald Trump isn’t willing to participate in a virtual debate. On Thursday morning, Trump called into Fox Business to speak with Maria Bartiromo about his coronavirus symptoms, quarantine, and his upcoming debate with Joe Biden, which is scheduled for Oct. 15.

Trump falsely claims there’s ‘a cure’ for COVID-19 in rambling Facebook, Twitter posts

Donald Trump is spreading dangerous misinformation – again – about the coronavirus on both Facebook and Twitter. Late Wednesday afternoon the president posted a rambling video to both social media platforms in which he claims, falsely, that there is “a cure” for COVID-19.

Macaulay Culkin wore a ‘Home Alone’ screaming mask and it was kind of creepy

Macaulay Culkin helpfully told folks to wear a mask. You should do that. Seriously, wear a mask. Please. Please. One more time for good measure: Please wear a mask, it’s the absolute least you could do if you care about fellow human beings during this awful pandemic.

Prince William and Sir David Attenborough launch £50 million environmentalism prize

Prince William and Sir David Attenborough have teamed up to launch something pretty cool. The future king and the broadcasting legend are joining forces to launch The Earthshot Prize, which will award a total of £50 million ($64.6 million) in prize money over the next decade.

You can search for songs on Spotify using lyrics now

Sometimes you just have to know which song it was where Fred Durst said, “L-I-M-P Bizkit is right here!” Take heart, Spotify’s newest little feature will help you out in those dire circumstances. As of Monday, Spotify users can now type lyrics into the music streaming app’s search bar and expect to find which song the lyrics are from.

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