New KeMusic – Femi One Taps Nviiri For Sociopolitical Collab, ‘Kipetero Kiyesu’

October 9, 2020

Kaka Empire label femcee Femi One has featured Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller in a new video titled ‘Kipetero Kiyesu’.

Coined in the streets of Nairobi, ‘Kipetero Kiyesu’ is a popular sheng phrase referencing the Biblical Denial of Peter where Apostle Peter betrayed Jesus three times.

Femi One uses the phrase to good effect to deliver a conscious sociopolitical masterpiece highlighting various instances of betrayal in the society. From a guy who impregnates a lady and goes AWOL to politicians giving false promises to the electorate, Femi One also calls out MCSK for paying Kenyan artistes peanuts in royalties as they toil to make good music.

‘Kipetero Kiyesu’ is produced by Ricco Beatz and mastered by Eric Musyoka whereas the video is directed by CJ Pixel.

Check it out below. Rating 8/10.

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