The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Friday October 30)

October 30, 2020

Here are some of today’s top headlines.

Live: Knife attack in French city of Nice is ‘terrorist’ incident, mayor says

Two people have been killed and a third is in a life-threatening condition after a knife attack in the French city of Nice, according to local mayor Christian Estrosi. “At this moment, we have, without any doubt, two dead inside the church, in a horrible way,” Estrosi said.

Analysis: Trump bet against science, and voters are casting judgment

The failed bet laid by President Donald Trump to ignore science and prioritize his political goals early in the pandemic, revealed Wednesday in fresh detail by new Jared Kushner tapes, is backfiring in devastating fashion at the critical moment of his reelection bid.

Trump tried to reinvent Middle East policy, but the region is still a bottomless pit of woes

US Middle East policy under the Trump administration has been a wild, careening ride of brinksmanship and blundering, of confused and contradictory priorities, of Twitter diplomacy and bluster.

Live: Knife attack in French city of Nice is ‘terrorist’ incident, mayor says

7 min ago From CNN’s Gaëlle Fournier in Paris Three people are now confirmed dead – including one woman who was decapitated – following a terror attack in the French city of Nice, the mayor Christian Estrosi has said. “It seems that, according to the first findings of the police, the woman who was inside the church has been decapitated.

LVMH snags $400 million discount on Tiffany deal after legal spat

Tiffany and LVMH are getting back together.

Two of Europe’s biggest economies announce partial lockdowns

France will begin a four-week lockdown on Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday. His declaration came just hours after German Chancellor Angela Merkel also announced a four-week nationwide lockdown starting next Monday.

Disneyland Paris shuts down again as France enters lockdown

Disneyland Paris is temporarily closing again as France enters a second nationwide lockdown to curb a surge in coronavirus infections.

They call themselves ‘Wives of the Deplorables’ because their husbands support Trump

Carole Catherine started “Wives of the Deplorables” after finding out her husband supported President Donald Trump. The Facebook group is made up of wives across the United States who are Democrats, whose spouses are Republicans.

What it’s like to be a cruise ship captain

(CNN) – Each evening, whether the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is crisscrossing the Caribbean or meandering around the Mediterranean, Captain Kate McCue writes night orders for her team. She always includes a note of how many people are on board the ship. It’s important, says McCue, “to understand the gravity of the responsibility.”

The search for Fungie: Ireland’s beloved bottlenose dolphin who has gone missing after 37 years

As the Irish government moves the country back into a strict, national lockdown for six weeks, an unlikely story continues to break through the endless (CNN) – Covid-19 headlines. Fungie, a bottlenose dolphin, is missing from the scenic County Kerry coast in Ireland’s southwest, where he has lived at the entrance to Dingle’s harbor since 1983.

Nice ‘terror’ attack: Two dead, several wounded, perpetrator arrested

Two people have been beheaded and several more stabbed after a knife attack at a cathedral in Nice City’s mayor said ‘everything suggests a terror attack’ after knife rampage began around 9am local time Police rushed to the area where they shot and arrested the perpetrator, according to local reports Comes fortnight after teacher was beheaded near Paris; a month after stabbings near Charlie Hebdo offices Two people have been beheaded and several others stabbed in a terrorist knife attack at a cathedral in Nice.

The Push To Allow Guns At Polling Places Is Straightforward Voter Intimidation

Bringing and displaying weapons at voting sites is one facet of potential intimidation that’s emerged in the weeks leading up to Election Day. There is an organized push from right-wing groups to show up at the polls with guns: a development election officials fear will create an unsafe environment for other voters to cast their ballots.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Seem To Be Itching To Steal The Election For Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court issued two decisions Wednesday evening, declining to stop a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling and a North Carolina Board of Elections order that both extended the deadlines for mail-in ballots to be received in their states.

FBI Warns Of ‘Imminent Cybercrime Threat’ To U.S. Hospitals

BOSTON (AP) – Federal agencies warned that cybercriminals are unleashing a wave of data-scrambling extortion attempts against the U.S. healthcare system designed to lock up hospital information systems, which could hurt patient care just as nationwide cases of COVID-19 are spiking.

Poll: Voters Give Trump A Poor Preelection Verdict On Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic

With less than a week of campaigning to go, voters give President Donald Trump a poor verdict on his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds. Voters disapprove, 55% to 40%, of the U.S. government’s handling of issues relating to the coronavirus.

When their nudes were shared online, they got angry and fought back

Victoria, a 27-year-old Filipino makeup artist living in New York City, spent the first few months of quarantine honing what she called a healthy routine. She was cooking more, working with a therapist to help build a strong relationship with her boyfriend, taking bike rides. Then she got a DM from a stranger.

Harley-Davidson is releasing an electric bicycle so you can say you ride a Harley

On Nov. 16 Harley-Davidson is revealing its newest bike: an actual bicycle. The Serial 1 is the first electric bicycle in what will be a new product line from the American motorcycle maker. Harley-Davidson introduced its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, last year, but hit production issues (with the battery) quickly.

Florida man accused of changing Florida Governor’s voter registration

Well, would you look at that: Someone made it slightly more difficult for voter-suppression champion Gov. Ron DeSantis to vote. The Florida Governor ran into some trouble when he attempted to cast his ballot Monday, reports the local NBC affiliate, and police are pointing the finger at another Florida man.

Jack Dorsey’s wild beard at the Senate hearing on Section 230 is being memed

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a serious quarantine beard going. When he showed up (virtually) for the Senate hearing on Section 230 on Wednesday, folks were quick to meme his decidedly unkempt facial hair. You can hardly blame them. Dorsey’s beard is both a Choice and a Look.

Jimmy Kimmel fact-checks Trump’s ’rounding the corner’ COVID claim in bleak supercut

The U.S. set a new daily record for coronavirus cases last week, and is now in a third wave of infections. There have been over 8.5 million confirmed infections in America and over 223,000 deaths, with the death toll expected to more than double by March next year.

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