The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Friday October 23)

October 23, 2020

As we end another week, these are the stories making world headlines today.

Feds say Russia and Iran have interfered with the presidential election

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Wednesday both Iran and Russia have obtained US voter registration information in an effort to interfere in the election, including Iran posing as the far-right group Proud Boys to send intimidating emails to voters.

Analysis: Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump on TV

Things were supposed to be different for Donald Trump this time around.

Why Nigerians are protesting police brutality

Nigeria has been rocked by days of nationwide protests over police brutality, following widespread claims of kidnapping, harassment and extortion by a controversial police unit known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

New images show NASA spacecraft’s historic landing and sample collection on asteroid

New images taken by the OSIRIS-REx mission show the historic first touchdown of a NASA spacecraft on the near-Earth asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft collected a sample that will be returned to Earth in 2023.

Pope endorses civil union laws for same-sex couples

Pope Francis has declared support for civil unions for same-sex couples for the first time, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Democrats planning to boycott Senate Judiciary vote to advance Barrett nomination

Senate Judiciary Democrats, facing criticism from the left that they have not done more to question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court confirmation proceedings for Amy Coney Barrett, plan to take the extraordinary step of boycotting a key committee vote on Thursday.

Inside Melania Trump’s unprecedented campaign trail absence

First lady Melania Trump — in a historic break from precedent — has yet to set foot on the campaign trail this year even as her husband, President Donald Trump, fights for votes, especially among suburban White women with whom she could hold appeal.

Scientists discover possible new organ in the human throat

It’s hard to imagine a part of the human body has gone unnoticed by doctors after centuries of research. Dutch scientists, however, say they have discovered a potential new organ hidden away in the throat, which they dubbed “tubarial salivary glands.”

Short-form video app Quibi is shutting down after just six months

Much like its content, Quibi didn’t last very long.

Why it’s so hard to dethrone Google

If you use the internet, Google is practically inescapable. This is most evident in how we search for almost everything online – so much so that “Google” is synonymous with search.

Bitcoin surges after Paypal jumps into the cryptocurrency business

PayPal is launching its own cryptocurrency service, allowing people to buy, hold and sell digital currency on its site and applications.

US Election 2020: Trump and Obama lock horns in rival rallies

US President Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, have directed blistering barbs at each other during rival rallies. Stumping in Pennsylvania for Democratic White House nominee Joe Biden, Mr Obama likened Mr Trump to a “crazy uncle” and said he gives succour to racists.

The ex-armed robber with a mission to make change

At half past eight on a warm September morning in 2005, 22-year-old criminal John McAvoy was ready. He and another man were planning to raid a security van making a delivery of around £100,000 in cash in Eltham, south-east London. McAvoy did not know there was a surveillance operation watching this man, Kevin Brown.

US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead – Trump or Biden?

Voters in America will decide on 3 November whether Donald Trump remains in the White House for another four years. The Republican president is being challenged by Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden, who is best known as Barack Obama’s vice-president but has been in US politics since the 1970s.

Obama: Trump Can’t Even Protect Himself From The Coronavirus

Barack Obama delivered a powerful speech on Tuesday that blasted President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, saying he has given Americans plenty of evidence that he’ll never take the pandemic seriously. “Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us.

Badly Outraised, Trump To Host Quarter-Million-A-Couple Fundraiser Before Debate

Outraised in the closing months by Democratic challenger Joe Biden, President Donald Trump is holding yet another high-dollar fundraiser, this one just hours before Thursday night’s final debate in Nashville, Tennessee, with ticket prices as high as $250,000 per couple.

Resurfaced Clip Of Biden Comforting Parkland Families Has People In Tears

A 2018 clip of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is taking off on social media ― and it has people in tears. The footage shows Biden speaking to victims and family members days after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school, including Debbi Hixon, widow of Chris Hixon, one of the three coaches who died trying to save students from the gunman.

Colbert Hits Trump With His Very Own Obama ‘HOPE’ Poster

Stephen Colbert put a Trumpian spin on street artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic 2008 election ” HOPE” poster of Barack Obama on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show.” The late night comedian noted how both former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump had this week campaigned in Pennsylvania, where polls suggest Democratic nominee Joe Biden is up anywhere from 2% to 10%.

Twitter is still letting you retweet. You don’t have to quote tweet.

There seems to be quite a lot of confusion surrounding some recent updates Twitter made to its platform. Specifically, Twitter changed what happens when you click the “retweet” button. Previously, if a user clicked the retweet button, Twitter would provide two options.

Trump appointee claims Trump is the real victim of bizarre emails targeting Democrats

The Director of National Intelligence wants you to know who the real victim is here. In a hastily convened press conference Wednesday night, John Ratcliffe, the Trump appointed DNI, assured a worried American public that Donald Trump was the target of a voting intimidation campaign. The catch?

PayPal to allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies

For a long time, PayPal didn’t want much to do with cryptocurrencies. (At least not the widely popular ones; the company initially backed Facebook’s Libra project before pulling out in October last year.) But that changed today. On Wednesday, PayPal announced it will start offering users the ability to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies through their online wallets.

Why GMC’s new electric Hummer is a bigger deal than Tesla’s Cybertruck

There were no broken windows, like the “bulletproof” ones at Tesla’s Cybertruck event last year that promptly shattered under pressure, but the GMC Hummer EV reveal Tuesday night was one of the biggest moments for electric vehicles yet. Let’s back up. Last year, Tesla’s announced its Cybertruck, the revolutionary EV company’s first electric pickup, coming by 2022.

‘Borat’ is still good for some laughs, but he can’t shock us anymore

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