Ngunjiri Wambugu to DP Ruto: Give Hustlers Land Instead of Mikokoteni

October 1, 2020

Deputy President William Ruto should donate land to Kenyan youth instead of giving them ‘Mikokoteni’ and wheelbarrows, Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has said.

In an interview with Citizen TV, Wambugu argued that when Ruto was younger, the late former President Daniel Moi set him up with land, and therefore, the DP should also empower youth with something substantial.

“When he (DP Ruto) was a hustler in university he was not given a ‘mkokoteni’ by President Moi, he was given land, why can’t he give these people land so that they can become like him today?” Wambugu posed.

The lawmaker also echoed David Murathe’s sentiments that Ruto is technically jobless as evidenced by his conspicuous absence at the COVID-19 conference on Monday.

“I think that picture(DP’s absence) tells me, and not just me, it tells a lot of Kenyans that the Deputy President’s position is vacant. That particular seat was also left vacant deliberately to send a message that we no longer have a serving Deputy President,” Wambugu said.

According to the lawmaker, Ruto has deliberately refused to work and he cannot be fired due to the provisions of the Constitution.

“We cannot fire the guy; we have to somehow carry the burden of going along with a Deputy President who has refused to work… William Ruto absconded the duties and office of the Deputy President along time ago,” Wambugu said.

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