Father John Pesa: I Did Not Get A Cent From DP Ruto

October 15, 2020

Kisumu based preacher Father John Pesa claims his life is in danger after his visit to Deputy President William Ruto’s home in Sugoi on Monday.

Addressing the press from his Kisumu home on Wednesday, Pesa said he has been receiving death threats over the visit. He claimed strange people went to his church on Tuesday and demanded that he gives them money he received from DP Ruto lest they kill him.

Pesa stated that he did not receive any money and he had since reported the threats to Kisumu Central and Kondele Police stations.

“I feel my life is in danger after being threatened. They told me to produce the money Ruto gave me the failure to which they would kill me. I wonder why someone would threaten to kill me yet I did not get a cent from the visit. I did not see any money,” he said.

Pesa added: “Ruto is a hustler and has no money. He did not give me money. Where will a hustler get money from?”

His claims, however, contradict a report by Taifa Leo where Pesa reportedly said he received Sh10,000. He told the publication he spent Sh6,000 to fuel his two cars from Sugoi to Kisumu.

“I only remained with Sh4,000 after spending. This is wrong because I have learnt that some Bishops were given more than what I received. This must be condemned because such monies should not be given in a discriminatory manner,” he said.

Father Pesa also clarified his gaffe during Monday’s interdenominational Church Service when he erroneously said that Solomon killed Goliath. He attributed his mistake to old age.

“Mimi ni mzee sana..sikumanisha nilivyosema. I am saddened that people thrive in such issues,” he said.

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