Social Media Marketing Guidelines

September 15, 2020

Being on social media had been a matter of pride just a couple of years ago. Not so anymore! In fact, you would be astounded to find any individual who does not have a presence on such media. Admittedly Facebook is the most popular one but Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit follow suit too. It was only a matter of time before business owners jumped into this bandwagon and began targeting prospective customers via this magical media that had widened its reach into the head & heart of its ever-expanding users. 

Small, medium, or large you will find social media to be perfect for introducing your brand and gaining recognition today. Do you have promotional events coming up? Reach out to your target audience by means of invitation templates and watch the numbers of enthusiastic participants grow. Some of the other ways that ensure a firm foothold in the concerned industry include using the power of social media to the fullest. 

Here are a few tried & tested tips that will help you to improve your business prospects considerably…

Be on multiple platforms

The lone announcement of, “We are on Facebook” will just not do. Sure, everybody who prides themselves as being important has a presence there. But you have to harness the power of other platforms deemed equally important too. However, rushing in to do the needful will not work either. You need to research and find out whether a particular platform will help you to extend your business. Do not ignore LinkedIn if you are a B2B company. Remember that almost 80% of your lead generation will come from this medium. Check out the Snapchat profile if you are keen to target Gen Z. The young individuals are hooked to this platform, chatting multiple times in a single day. Likewise, Twitter will help you to keep it short and simple. It is akin to advertising on the radio when you simply inform the users. 

Know your goals

Do not feel compelled to post content every single day without establishing your goal first. Social media can be a powerful marketing tool but you need to be clear about your own purpose. Small business enterprises are not averse to using this media for generating leads.

However, it makes better sense to create brand awareness initially so that the viewers identify with your brand once they begin to recognize it. You may then utilize it to engage with selected people directly. To buy likes, views or even followers can be a good way to improve your online credibility.

All of the activities mentioned here have a common purpose, i.e. increasing the sale of products/services. Come up with a good marketing strategy before using social media. 

Post Content Regularly

People who browse the Internet for information and socialize via web-based media are known for their exceedingly short attention spans. You cannot rely on a single content that you had posted on social media days earlier. While it may have been of superior quality yet the target audience will fail to remember it later. Do not give the users much respite, therefore. Bombard them with content by posting one each day. Keep posting frequently so that your followers are reminded of your brand. Most of them will begin visiting your website with renewed vigour in order to find out more. This helps you to stay a step ahead of your competitors too. You will soon find your followers waiting for your post and discussing it on their timeline. Thus your brand remains on the forefront regardless of positive or negative comments. That is indeed a huge plus!

Sharing Links

Try to get as many followers as possible. The more you have the more you succeed! Yes! The number of the game works on social media too. Try to influence your followers subtly so that they share the content you have posted. You should not be averse to sharing links from varied sources if you find the content has a close bearing with your brand. Try to get a picture to tell a thousand words by considering Pinterest ads in addition. It is a recent marketing bonanza that you need to grab in order to enhance your customer base. Mainly intended to augment retail sales, you can use it to sell just about any product or service. If you are into fashion or jewellery & beauty products, then Pinterest may be the perfect medium. Remember that it is used by the females mostly. So target that demographic effectively with the aid of PIN campaigns!

Social Influencer Relationship

Get in touch with social influencers and have them post content instead of doing it single handedly. This will not only help you to save time but you do not have to wrack your brains trying to think of something new regularly. Roping in a top celeb as an influencer may not work if your business is limited with an even more restricted budget. Research diligently and try to find cost-effective social influencers who would be happy to assist you. You may also tie-up with multiple micro-influencers who are aware of their responsibility and have experience in social media marketing. 

Stream Live Video

Another accepted way of promoting business content is by streaming live videos on various social media platforms. While creating content with an easy movie maker and sharing it directly on YouTube is a well-known strategy, you may also announce and stream live videos on Facebook and Instagram to capture attention. Sure, it is a great way to engage with prospects but holding a Q&A session right after will enable you to interact with your audience and answer their queries thereby proving the authenticity of the brand. You are likely to be flooded with comments immediately afterwards. Make sure to answer each of them carefully thus enhancing the stature and popularizing your business. 

You cannot ignore social media when you are eager to increase business profitability. Simply using a single platform will not work either. You have to be on multiple platforms simultaneously and use the media effectively to gain the attention of its users. Try formulating different strategies for different social media platforms to gain and retain customers. 

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