Real Estate Marketing Plans That Help You Stand Out From the Competition

September 1, 2020

Marketing is the only way to reach more users and help build your business. The real estate market changes each day; there is a need to be relevant and stay ahead of the curve. If you are looking to leverage an excellent real estate marketing strategy, then here are a few simple ideas to bring you closer to this goal.

1. Determine the Key Demographic

The step one to any marketing plan is to understand your audience. Or rather, see if you even have a substantial audience. If you were to spend time and money promoting to the masses, it could yield minimal results.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it lets you exactly pin-point the perfect audience for your products and promote only to them. Knowing you TG (target demographic) will also help you in content creation. If your audience is older, then slang and meme-culture will not work with them.

The way to narrow down your audience is by doing a study of the market. You aim to determine one ideal consumer. This exercise covers parameters like age, gender, region, interests, and income range.

Once you know exactly who your audience is, run a few surveys with them to understand the market demand. All the data you collect will be elementary in finding the right buyer for your homes.

2. Optimize Website and Social Media

Once you know your audience, you aim to either direct them to your website or social media pages. By creating content or running ads, you direct users who are your potential clients. Before they land on these pages, the page itself should be well-optimized.

Update your website with all the relevant information and listings details. Contact information and the ‘about the firm page’ are the most critical aspects of the website. This practice will ensure they find out more about you and build faith in your business.

Your landing page — the front page of your website or your ads’ destination page should be well-designed to retain users and share all the information they need.

Similarly, your social media page should be welcoming and up-to-date. Regularly audit your page and update or add any missing information. Add images, banners, and links wherever appropriate. Ensure there are regular posts on your social media. These posts will portrait that your business is active and running.

3. Incentivize Promotions  

One of the best ways to reach more people is word-of-mouth marketing. This process is when users who like your service; then recommend this to more people. But is it possible to promote the culture of word-of-mouth? The answer is yes.

This method is possible by providing incentives to your past clients to share your booking details or promote your business. For example, if a user were to bring you a new customer (a friend or family member), promise them a discount on the commission or a free service.

You can also achieve this with social media platforms. Give away free resources or small services in return for a share, or an endorsement.  

4. Generate Subject Knowledge Content.

An excellent way to stand out of the clutter is by leveraging the magic of content creations. For example, If you seek information about the stock market, you refer to a dedicated market-news website. In the same way, there is a dedicated website for each field.

You can use content creations to your advantage to portray yourself as a subject expert in real estate sales in your region. Newsletters, videos, social media posts, explainer videos, education videos, etc., are all helpful devices to make this possible.  

When people notice your content online, they tend to associate you with the field; and this will enhance the user’s trust in your firm. Making content is easy in this era of the internet boom. Using tools like a video intro maker or free online software, you can make these videos instantly.

In the real estate domain, pick topics that would seem insightful and Carter to your TG. These could be blogs and videos about the home-buying process, explanation of the industry jargon, the frequently asked questions about mortgage and escrow.

All of this content will inevitably gain traction and present you with superior ROI for your business.

5. Build a Community.

If you are a local or region-specific realtor, then there are two ways to approach community build or brand awareness. You can find a voice in the real world, and create a following on the online world.

If you are selling to a particular region, you must network with local vendors and communities. Have a presence in local markets and gathers. Ask store-owners and past-clients to endorse you.  

On social media platforms, use content and interactions to create a loyal following. Do not just spam them with posts and updates, but also reply to comment, answer questions, etc. If you receive an email or message, be proactive to respond.  

This activity is your chance to focus on a niche demographic and be the go-to name.

6. Use a Marketing Checklist.

If the first step to effective marketing is planning and research, then the final step is keeping a check on the various limbs. When you attempt more than one marketing avenue, there is often overlap or confusion in the process.

The large corporation has the ability to hire a dedicated marketing team that keeps a check on the limbs; however, as a realtor, that option is not feasible. In such a case, make a checklist. This directory is a comprehensive to-do list that has your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals.

Once created, map out a content calendar. A template for this will be readily available online. Ensure you plan your marketing strategies, posting schedules, and content at least a month ahead of time. Planning gives you the breathing room to perfect every step of the way.

Final thoughts,

Keep in mind that the best talents in marketing do not think of short-term goals and campaigns. Plan the future of your business with a stable marketing plan. The results will not come from a single video or a single blog post.

It’s a slow process that, over time, snowballs into something large and sustainable.   

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