Mp Ole Sankok: Why I Thank Doctor Who Paralyzed My Leg

September 29, 2020

Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok says his life could probably have been worse had he not suffered from paralysis.

Narrating his life story, the Jubilee MP said he was only twelve when his life changed completely. He had been born without disability until he caught pneumonia.

Sankok was taken to hospital in the middle of the night but the doctor who attended to him administered an injection incorrectly.

The hospital was a long way and we did not have cars here so we walked many kilometers and got to the hospital at midnight. The doctor had to be woken up close to 5 times and he eventually came and gave me an injection. Unfortunately when I got home my leg could not move,” he recounted.

The lawmaker explained further: “What happened is he probably got confused. Normally, doctors divide the buttock cheeks into four quadrants and the injection is supposed to be on the upper quadrant where there are no nerves but for me the doctor injected me on the lower part, paralyzing my leg nerves.”

According to Ole Sankok, the doctor’s injection and subsequent paralysis saved him from a life of cattle-rustling.

Sankok said he often visits the now-retired doctor and thanks him.

All along, I had wanted to become a moran and a cattle rustler so I can bring my father more cattle. However, losing my leg meant I had no choice but to focus on my studies. That doctor is now retired in Naivasha and I often visit and thank him because that accident changed me from a moran to an MP. I’m a nominated MP because of my disability many people have good legs but they do not have the benefits I enjoy,” Sankok said.

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