Governor Mutua Blasts Mudavadi: Stop Copying My Campaign Ideas

September 24, 2020

Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua has called out ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi for allegedly plagiarising his presidential campaign ideas.

According to Mutua, Mudavadi has been copying his ideas, his concept and part of his manifesto over the last one year.

In a statement published on Twitter, Mutua claimed that one concept Mudavadi has copied is his use of ‘Sheng’ in addressing the youth.

The governor also noted that when he launched his candidacy a few weeks ago, he said he was a “Safe Pair of Hands”. However, a few days later, Mudavadi also declared that he was a “safe pair of hands”.

In the last one year, my supporters and I have noticed that every time I go public with an idea, a concept and even part of my manifesto, a few days or weeks later, Hon. @MusaliaMudavadi, comes out and says the same things or attempts to replicate what I have done,” said the county boss.

“This has been going on for long enough. It has reached such high levels that when I strategize with my team, we joke that we have to be hush hush or Mudavadi and other leaders will copy us.”

Mutua went on: “I have been addressing the youth in their street lingo “Sheng” and have videos in Sheng about shunning tribalism and also recently, calling on them not be spectators in the political arena.

“Now again, Hon. Mudavadi, has copied me and released a video targeting the youth where he struggles to speak in Sheng to them.”


Governor Mutua said Kenya needs creative and innovative leaders who have thought through how to transform Kenya and not copy artists.

“When you copy, it means you have run out of your own ideas. I respect Hon. Mudavadi as a leader and person and can even say he is more decent compared to many others.”

Mutua also took a dig at Mudavadi using sheng, posting: “Ukijitambua, pia ucome na ma idea zako lakini zangu chorea. Ama, pia ukikwama,unaeza dandia #FreshnaMutua nikupeleke na Rieng. Mavijana msichochwe rahisi ivo ati kuna kamzae kamechapa na anadai ati ye ni youth. Mnaget? Wasitupime hivyo. Lenga hizo story. My fellow politicians, let us be original and innovative and avoid plagiarism and stealing of ideas from each other. Mambo ni Fresh na MUTUA.”

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