Dr Kingori: My Father Kicked Me Out For Quitting Sh17K Salary Job

September 29, 2020

Comedian and media personality Dr Kingori on Sunday opened up about his humble background revealing that his family could not afford fees for his university education.

After completing Form Four, the Wicked Edition presenter said he set out to become an actor.

“Immediately after secondary school, I innocently asked my mother about college and she responded, ‘where is the money?’

“At the time, I was cast and started acting in set books. My mother was earning Sh 5,000 then and I remember she was over the moon because it had been increased to Sh 5,600,” King’ori said on Churchill Show.

Around the same time, his parents found him a road construction job on Sh17,000 salary. However, after a week at the job, Dr King’ori quit to pursue his passion, drawing the wrath of his parents.

“They wanted me to do go dig trenches on roads where I would make between Sh 12,000 and Sh17,000. With that kind of money at the time, I would have been a ‘tycoon’,” he recounted.

Adding: “I went there for a week, remember, I had started acting in set books. I could not fit in. I quit that job and I was told ‘you can’t stay here, go fix your life out there.”

Dr King’ori said his father kicked him out at night around 10 p.m.

Recalling his rise in the comedy and TV scene, the 28-year-old father of one said he traveled from his hometown in Embu to the Nation Media Group in Nairobi and pitched his idea.

“When I was asked to do a pilot, Larry told me to do the concept as a segment on The Trend first and see how people take it.

“People accepted and loved it and here we are,” he said.

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