Bien Baraza Recounts Losing 16 Teeth in Hit-and-run, “I Just Remember Flying in The Air”

September 1, 2020

Sauti Sol lead vocalist Bien Baraza has for the first time opened up about being a victim of a hit and run.

Speaking on the Churchill Show on Sunday, the guitarist revealed that he lost 16 teeth in an accident in Nairobi back in 2007.

Bien was in the company of his sister, rap duo Wakamba Wawili and songbird Wendy Kimani when the accident occurred.

“In 2007, I was crossing the road with my sister, Wakamba Wawili and Wendy Kimani. We were from doing a song about the post-election violence. We were crossing the road at Tuskys Pioneer in town headed towards Kenya Railways. I saw a car speeding and my sister noted that the driver was reckless and was bound to hit a pedestrian,” he recounted.

When he turned to look at the car, it was already too late, and the only thing he remembered was being flung up in the air.

“I remember turning around and that car was right in front of me and that guy hit the life out of me. He hit my knees and I hit my face on the windshield.

“I just remember flying in the air. I woke up on the ground and my sister was there. It was a hit and run so the guy just sped off. Luckily I just stood up, I didn’t break any limbs,” he narrated.

Bien was rushed to Nairobi hospital where he discovered he had lost 16 teeth when he looked in the mirror.

Meanwhile, the singer and his dancer wife Chiki Kuruka over the weekend showed off their unique ring tattoos solemnizing their nuptials back in March.

Sharing a picture of their hands to his Instagram, Bien wrote: “My wife. My life. My Everything. For rich or for poor. In sickness and in health. Till death do us part.”


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