Police Spokesman Addresses Spate Of Crime In Kilimani Area

September 1, 2020

Police Spokesman Charles Owino has addressed the recent spate of crimes in Nairobi’s Kilimani suburbs, denying that politicians are involved.

Speaking on Sunday, August 30, Mr Owino dismissed reports that influential politicians have been using unscrupulous businessmen as proxies for their criminal activities in fake gold scams and money laundering.

“I do not think politicians have anything to do with the activities that we see in Kilimani save for situations where there could be impunity in terms of planning and management between these places,” he explained.

“As police, we do not experience that directly but as residents, I’m sure maybe that could be a point of concern. I do not think politicians are involved whether it is people dealing with wash wash business, gold nuggets and so on,” added Owino.

The police spokesman also noted that most criminal cases in Kilimani involve individuals who are licensed firearm holders.

“What we have seen in Kilimani area are kind of white-collar crimes where people are dealing with gold and large sums of money.

“The area is also occupied by middle-class people with a large number of clubs definitely we will have to get a few white-collar crimes,” Owino explained.

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