Sauti Sol Finally Apologize To Muthoni Drummer Queen After Six Years

August 21, 2020

A small small beef pitting music act Sauti Sol against Muthoni Drummer has finally been quashed after six years.

MDQ opened up about the tiff for the first time in a chat on Cleaning The Airways(CTA) Youtube Channel.

“Sauti Sol we have never addressed this one. Let me address it. When we did the two-day blankets and wine, Sauti Sol was booked for Saturday night. In our mind, Sauti Sol was the headliner. We felt like Sauti Sol had come to a point in their career where they were bonafide headliners. They were everything good and true about the grind in Kenya as an artiste.  So Saturday night, it would be Mi Casa and Sauti Sol who would close the night and we knew everyone would stay for Sauti Sol,” recounted the founder of Blankets and Wine festival.

According to MDQ, Sauti Sol wanted to perform on Sunday.

“They were in Coast and they wanted to perform on Sunday even though they were contracted for Saturday. That was not possible because there were artistes flying in for that day and the logistics… I mean it is a festival. You play on the day you are booked. So I think there was some type of feeling that was caught there,” said MDQ.

She went on to narrate that Sauti Sol came through on Saturday but it was not pleasant, with Sauti Sol’s former manager, Marek Fuchs, saying nasty things.

“Then the second thing that was a very hurtful experience and you guys actually genuinely still owe me an apology even if we are friends…What Sauti Sol understood is that, we’ve put them as some sort of DJ who plays after the main act.

“Now for us, we thought these guys have been with us from the beginning and we have seen them grow so they get to close the night in their home ground and not Mi Casa. What we meant with a lot of love and admiration, so for it to look like we were trying to sabotage them that was a very hurtful event by the way. They came through on Saturday and they gave us a lot of sh!t. Marek wah! You were unkind and nasty and thought that we meant you were less than, when really it was nobody can come to Nairobi and headline on the night Sauti Sol are playing, they are the headliner,” MDQ narrated.

The ‘Power’ singer added: “Maybe because we did not have the media to drive this narrative, Sauti Sol didn’t see it as it was and also remember we did not have these artistes relationships because for many years artistes understood me as a promoter.

“So Sauti Sol owes me an apology anyway, y’all are my homies lets keep it moving,” she concluded.

In response, Bien apologised on behalf of Sauti Sol, saying: “We were immature and insecure. That was 6 years ago. Already fighting so many other battles to prove ourselves. That was the year everyone dropped us for doing Nishike. We just had pent up insecurities and anxiety. What did we know? I’m sorry Muthoni. You know its all love.”

MDQ accepted the apology on behalf of the blankets team, writing: “I appreciate the apology Bien/ @sautisol. I accept on behalf of the whole @blanketsandwine It really is all love, but I’m glad we addressed the past.”

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