‘Please Stop Transmitting Covid-19 To Your Parents’: CS Kagwe Urges Kenyans

August 6, 2020

Kenya’s Health Minister, Mutahi Kagwe, has reiterated his plea to Kenyans to stop traveling upcountry and putting their parents at risk of contracting coronavirus.

In an impassioned address Wednesday, the CS confirmed the case of a Migori family where 48 members contracted the deadly virus.

“My information regarding this particular situation is that somebody came from Nairobi and went to Migori, and there started the whole thing within the family,” Mr Kagwe said.

The CS further cited a separate incident where someone travelled to Siaya County to visit their mother only to transmit the virus to the mother and other family members.

“In addition to that, we also have somebody who came from Nairobi went to Siaya to say hello to the mother. Took the disease to the mother, he then brought the mother back to Nairobi to be treated. He died, unfortunately, and the mother is still being treated,” said Kagwe.

Consequently, Kagwe once again urged Kenyans to heed the Ministry’s warning against traveling from urban areas to the rural areas.

“COVID-19 is real. We have said it for a long time since March. We have warned people that they will take the disease to their parents but some have already.

“The only thing we can do now is to urge those who have not please don’t do so. If you were sceptical before, if you were not sure before at least now you know for a fact that people are dying,” added the CS.

“The easiest way to kill your parents is you go to them without a mask, without caring at their age and knowing the statistics we have been reading. Ni lazima jameni tuchunge wazazi wetu, ni lazima tuchunge familia zetu.”

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