Paylend Giving Kenyans Access To Credit During This Covid Pandemic

August 31, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic may have caused massive havoc across the Country with hundreds of jobs lost, millions rendered jobless, businesses shut, homes facing foreclosure and endless financial constraints.

But amid the darkness and the uncertainty, there has been a silver lining all along – a mobile platform that has been cushioning both the consumer and the retailer from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Paylend is a consumer-driven retail financing platform for SMEs, targeted to increase business growth; It’s a holistic platform that enhances trust between business entities and their customers by ensuring value to all users by bridging the credit gap.

Millions of Kenyans have been struggling with accessing funds for basic needs such as; food, shelter, clothing, health and education and Paylend has been able to bridge this gap by providing a credit for goods platform to everyday consumers.

“At Paylend, we help customers access products even when they have no money. We’ve also partnered with schools to ensure no child misses school due to school fees and are committed to ensure that customers pay their utility bills on time… rent, electricity, water, etc… ” says Sylvia Macharia, of Paylend’s Marketing Department.

“We have also partnered with salons and barber shops to facilitate the access to grooming and beauty services and pride ourselves as the bridge to ensuring proper access of funds and services to those without”.

Paylend has already penetrated markets across Mombasa and Nairobi and retailers – and clients- have already been feeling the positive effects of not only seeing their businesses thriving but their clientele satisfied and the credit well-managed and paid up.

The App’s main target is the service provider who includes the shopkeeper, medical officer who operates a clinic facility, a vet or extension services officer who runs an agrovet outlet and mainly small businesses, specifically mama mbogas, food vendors and kiosks and they have been able to make access to services and products between the retailer and the consumer much easier by revolutionising the credit industry as we know it and ensuring that, even after offering goods on credit, the retailer does not face financial constraints or lack money to further keep the business running.

Paylend also allows for consumers who purchase on credit to keep track of these payments, ensure continuity to their retailers and improves transparency of credit requests.

All you need to do is to download the Paylend app on your phone, register and sign up as a shopkeeper and the dash board, click on wallet where you will view received credit request from customers and if agreement to the customer’s credit request, click ‘Ok’ and the transaction will be successful.

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