Meet Stylist Behind Rappers Kahu$h and Chris Kaiga Music Video ‘Mastingo’

August 3, 2020

Luca is an upcoming Kenyan stylist who runs a thrift store next to Zetech University on Thika Road. She is also the brains behind the colourful wardrobe in the new music video by rappers Chris Kaiga and Kahu$h, ‘Mastingo’.

Describe your style.

I would say it is expressive, edgy and experimental.

What influences your style?

My mood, the environment I am going to be in, and comfort. I really don’t care about how good I look, but I put a lot of value into my comfort.

Why did you venture into styling artistes?

I think it’s because artistes were the easiest target market for me, as I enjoy people that love to express themselves using fashion, and artistes are the kind of people that use every medium possible to do this. They are edgy and experimental, so that just ticked all the boxes for me.

What does it take for you to be compelled to dress any personality?

If I think you have a unique style, I naturally want to work with you, dig into your brain and stuff.

At the same time, if you are struggling, I want to help you out. If you fall under those categories, we can create something.

Talk about e-commerce versus physical shopping, especially after the Covid-19 disruption.

I think e-commerce is the future, but there are aspects of physical shopping we can’t do without; the interaction and things of that nature.

But since a lot of shopping has shifted to online, I think after the pandemic, a lot of it will go online, so this is a good time for online businesses.

Is your brand exclusive to only ‘baddies’?

First of all, ‘baddie’ is a unisex term (to mean a person who is extremely put together and looks phenomenal even on their off days).

It’s both male and female and very non-binary; it does not confine to one gender.

But I want to dress people that are empowered, those that want to be empowered. I feel like we are here to learn and teach.

What do you want to achieve with your Luca Kenya brand?

I want to put Kenya on the world map; to showcase that Kenyans are good at fashion just as much as we are at running and other stuff.

It’s sort of that ‘Kipchoge-effect’, aimed at giving Kenya a voice in the global fashion community, and of course I want to dress Rihanna. Lol!

What’s the most fun shoot versus the most challenging you’ve ever did?

The most fun shoot was a creative directing gig I had at Juja a while back. It really brought out all the aspects of what I want to do with fashion.

I was marketing this guy that was selling furniture, at the same time I had a set, models, a make-up artist and a stylist, so it was a full-circle thing.

The most challenging one was a corporate gig that had crazy deadlines that ended up with the client’s failure to pay me the full agreed amount, on top of that I had no photos to show for it. It sucked!

Who do you think is your style doppelganger and why?

Rihanna! Her ideas and her style are synonymous. Also, Random Chic Fits, I feel like I know what I want to thrift for when I go through her Instagram page.

What local and African brands are you keen on?

Check out 199x Clothing and Muyishime, because they’re my actual friends.

The 199x’s presentation is a great direction I’d want for my store, while Muyishime’s designs are worth your time.

Every woman deserves to own a pair of?

I feel like some will not like this but denim pants. You can style those with anything; they can be casual, official, anything you want really.

Catch you dead in?

Doll shoes.

What do you want your legacy to look like? 

I want to be the person who came up with the plan that helped creatives in Africa to compete with other big global brands.

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