Jowie: I Just Want To Minister The Word Of God

August 21, 2020

Jowie Irungu says he is a changed man and is doing music to minister the word of God.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o, the murder suspect said he has since found salvation. He has also stopped drinking alcohol.

I stopped drinking and it’s not like I had trouble managing it, I just made a choice. Now I only take Redbull, water, and energy drinks.

Jowie was also asked if his troubles were as a result of alcohol and party lifestyle, to which he said his problems were caused by people.

Drinking and partying did not cause me problems, people did. Drinking is not a bad thing and its even in the bible. Only God can judge. I decided to hold down so I can focus and have peace,” he explained.

The ‘Nishikilie’ singer said he is not keen on being in the gospel industry as he only wants to minister the Lord’s word.

I was raised in a prayerful family and we used to go to church. I have decided to come back. I’m not doing music to be in the gospel music industry. I want to minister the word of God,” he said.

Jowie, who spent one-and-a-half years in Kamiti prison, also disclosed that he broke with Jacque Maribe while he was still incarcerated.

“I decided not to (keep in touch) as in ile tuu we broke up while I was still inside, we talked and let it go. We check up on each other once in a blue moon,” he said.

On life behind bars, Jowie said it is the worst thing that has ever happened in his lifetime.

“Kamiti is not what you think man! It is a small place but a bad place. The worst thing is being there and I wouldn’t wish it to even my worst enemy,” he said.

He added: “Checking up on people in prison is so helpful. All prisoners are hopeful that they will be free one day. I have not changed because prison does not change anyone but you do it by yourself.”

Jowie added that his close friends were not there for him.

“I don’t have friends. It’s either family or no one… All my friends let me down. Only my family supported me,” he said, adding that he is at peace to know he has no friends.

Jowie also disclosed that he is dating Eleanor Musangi Ndambo, a model who doubles up as his manager. The 27-year-old model is the mother of the girl featured in Jowie’s music video.

“That beautiful girl, that is mine. She is my daughter,” Jowie said.

Check out photos of Ella below.

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