Incestuous Man And Niece Frogmarched After Being Caught In The Act in Vihiga

August 6, 2020
Residents of Bukulunya Sub-Location in Sabatia, Vihiga County frogmarching a man and his niece

An incestuous couple was Tuesday morning frogmarched in the streets of Bukulunya Sub-Location in Sabatia, Vihiga County after they were caught enjoying the forbidden fruit.

50-year-old Erick Mudiri reportedly confessed to being in an incestuous relationship with his 36-year-old niece Maureen Shitogo for four years, ending in 2019.

The pair was caught pants down by suspicious relatives and neighbours who stormed Mudiri’s house shortly after they saw Maureen entering her uncle’s residence Monday night.

“We caught them stark naked in bed engaging in sexual intercourse,” a relative told K24 Digital.

Mr Mudiri denied that he was engaging in sexual intercourse with his niece when they were busted Monday. He said they ended the taboo relationship last year following an intervention by elders and his family members after Maureen conceived twice during the relationship.

Mudiri was formerly married and has children with his ex-spouse who lives in Mombasa.

“Around five years ago, he returned to Vihiga and shortly thereafter, started a relationship with his niece, who was someone’s wife at the time. Three years ago, Maureen ditched her husband so that she could continue with her incestuous relationship with Mudiri,” a relative of the 50-year-old, who sought anonymity, told the publication.

Mudiri is the younger brother of Maureen’s biological father, who is deceased.

Mudiri and Maureen were frogmarched to Lunyerere Police Station, where they are being held in custody.

Should they be arraigned and found guilty of committing incest, the pair faces at least 10 years in jail each.

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