Only In Kenya: Why Embu County Commissioner Wants Wives To Dress in School Uniform

July 24, 2020

A county commissioner has proposed a dumbfounding solution to the rising cases of statutory rape and teenage pregnancies in the country.

Mr Abdulahi Galgalo, the Embu County Commissioner, called on men in the county to buy their wives school uniforms in a bid to tame their predatory sexual desires for school-going children.

According to Galgalo, dressing wives in uniform will go a long way in stopping men from preying on minors.

The commissioner, as reported by Citizen, warned that teenage pregnancy is a ticking bomb waiting to go off and everyone should help curb the crisis.

Galgalo also implored parents to keep their children busy with activities that will not leave them idle, especially after schools were closed on the back of the coronavirus pandemic.

Naturally, Galgalo’s proposal sparked wild reactions from Kenyans on social media. We have sampled some comments below.

“????????? sasa hii ni kenya gani tunaishi ??????,” wondered Zipmatlucas.

El Ecini added: “Effects of giving imprudent people leadership positions!”

“This is so horrible and absurd I can’t even laugh…” wrote David.


“Paedophilia is not a fetish ?,” blasted Tbspinkenya.

Fiona Mumoki wrote: “This is highly insulting! This trivializes what child predators are doing!”

“A githeri commissioner,” Arebasilas observed.

“No brains, just vibes,” said Kenny Tobiko.

Nicole added: “??????see the world we now live in??‍♀️??‍♀️”

“am done for ?????2020 ?‍♂️?‍♂️,” said Capallot.

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