Size 8 Says Thought Of Divorce Is Why She ‘Nags’ DJ Mo As He Confesses That Marriage Feels Like A Lot of Work

July 24, 2020

Singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 and her husband Samuel Muraya DJ Mo have revealed more personal details about their marital challenges in the latest episode of their reality show, ‘Dine With Murayas’.

Just a month after assuring her fans that their marriage is fine, Size 8 has now opened up about her insecurities and fear of divorce. This after DJ Mo confessed that Size 8 is always calling him when he steps out of the house, making her come off as a nag.

“Do other men go through the same thing ama ni mimi tu? I was telling a friend of mine that marriage is starting to feel like a lot of work,” said the Cross Over show DJ.

In her defence, Size 8 said she calls DJ Mo incessantly not because she suspects he is up to no good, but because she lets her insecurities get the better of her.

“The reason why I call him that much is because I have my own reasons. The truth is I have been doing all he is accusing me of. There are times when paranoia, lack of security and lack of trust hits me,” said Size 8.

The mother of two added that the thought of divorce keeps her up at night.

“I was not calling him to offend him. Sometimes my heart is not at peace. I love my husband and the thought of divorce is giving me sleepless nights and I do not want it in my house,” she explained.

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