LETTER: Sheila Mwanyigha Receives ‘Entanglement’ Request From A Secret Admirer

July 14, 2020

More evidence has emerged proving that media personality Sheila Mwanyigha Mkabili is the most “crushed-on” woman in Kenya(at least according to me).

Sheila, who has a former lover who has been stalking her for ten years and three canceled marriage proposals to her name, on Monday shared an interesting letter she received from a secret admirer.

The subject of the official letter of request reads ‘Entanglement’, whereby the secret admirer expresses his wish to get ‘entangled’ with the alluring R&B singer famously known as ‘Nikki’.

As you’re already aware, entanglement is the newest internet-breaking word. It was coined by Jada Pinkett Smith who was describing her relationship with August Alsina to Will Smith on Friday’s ‘Red Table Talk’.

In the letter addressed to Sheila, the admirer whose details the singer concealed tooted his own horn saying he is professionally qualified in entanglement matters.

“It would be my utmost pleasure to get entangled with you Nikki. I love you since back in the days, fell in love with your voice even before I saw you on the Morning AM Live Show and fell in love with you more for your alluring beauty,” the admirer shot his shot.

Sheila, who was seemingly lost for words, captioned the letter with a simple: “Eh…?”

This comes just days after Sheila politely responded to a sex-crazed fan on Twitter who used expletives to describe what he would to her, sexually.

For obvious reasons, we can’t publish what the tweep wrote but Sheila responded: “I don’t know what to say. This sounds like very painful sex. Bad sex. Probably die afterwards sex. Dare I say not even worth it.”

Meanwhile, here are some reactions to Sheila’s entanglement request letter.

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