Kisumu Man Caught Feasting on Dead Hyena

July 1, 2020

A bizarre spectacle left villagers in Kombewa in Seme, Kisumu County in shock after a local man started feeding on a dead hyena.

According to reports, area locals killed the troublesome animal on Monday after they found it scavenging for remains of slaughtered animals at a local slaughterhouse.

Moses Omondi, commonly known as ‘Obote’, is said to have then skinned the animal and even fed on its raw meat. A video shared on social media Tuesday, June 30, showed Obote cutting the hyena into pieces and eating the animal’s raw liver.

Bwana hii ni yangu bwana (This is my mine),” he repeatedly said in dholuo.

Joseph Mito, an eye witness, stated that Ochola later proceeded to light a fire to roast the meat.

It was at this point that some residents forcefully took away the carcass and alerted Kenya Wildlife Services.

“At first we took it as a joke, but when he went on to begin slicing the carcass and even putting aside for cooking, we sensed something was not right and that is why we raised an alarm for other people to come and help,” said another resident identified as Stephen Onyango.

As the locals were burning the hyena’s remains, Obote is said to have made away with a chunk of meat and took it to his roof to dry it.

The 35-year-old mechanic then went into hiding after discovering that the authorities were tracking him.

Senior KWS warden Joseph Nyongesa said the remaining carcass was burnt and a manhunt launched for the suspect.

“The man has been good, but lately he has been getting into alcohol, however we do not know if this could be the cause of his actions,” said area chief Caleb Okuom.

“The man is never very approachable, and we could not prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do with the carcass. My son is not insane, and I do not understand how he came to do what he was doing. He is a trained mechanic, and very upright,” said Obote’s father, Ochola Hongo.

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