4-Hour Autopsy On Bodies Of Children Found In Police Station Inconclusive

July 9, 2020

The mystery surrounding the death of two children whose bodies were found in a car at Athi River police station has deepened following a post mortem examination.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, who conducted the autopsy that lasted four hours, said the post mortem examination on the bodies of Alvina Mutheu (3) and Henry Jacktone (4) returned inconclusive results.

According to Dr Oduor, the cause of death could not be established because the bodies were badly decomposed.

“We could not establish the cause of the deaths of the children because their bodies had decomposed and had experienced a lot of deterioration. There has been massive tissue loss and maggot infestation that hindered us from drawing a firm conclusion,” said Dr Oduor.

Additionally, there were no signs of injuries on the two bodies or fractured bones to suggest any kind of trauma.

“There were no fractures on their bones and we cannot attribute their deaths to any specific cause. We now rely on the police and further results from the government lab to figure the details of the deaths,” added the pathologist.

Dr Oduor said he has forwarded samples to the government chemist for further tests, where a forensic entomologist will be able to establish exactly when the children died. This process is expected to take about three to four weeks.

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