Ray C’s Ex Denies Introducing Her to Hard Drugs

June 24, 2020

Tanzania rapper Lord Eyes has finally come out to refute allegations that he introduced his ex-lover, Ray C, to hard drugs.

In an interview six years ago, the Tanzanian songbird disclosed that Lord Eyes got her hooked to narcotics by lacing marijuana with a stronger substance.

Ray C said she was blinded by love, and trusted Lord Eyes who never told her that the marijuana they were smoking was laced.

“I was not aware that he used any hard drugs, I was only aware of light drugs during our one year of dating. When I love, I love wholeheartedly so it is easy to be taken advantage of,” she said.

However, Lord Eyes has come out to tell his side of the story. He alleges that Ray C was already using before they started dating.

“Sijawahi kumfunza mtu yeyote kutumia madawa. Nimemkuta (Ray C) ameshawahi kutumia,” said the rapper.

Lord Eyes also spoke about his love affair with Ray C saying he truly loved her but jealousy led to their split.

“Yule mwanadada lazima nimsifu na siwezi nikakaa sehemu nikamu-attack kwa sababu kweli nilimpenda. Ni mtu ambaye ana upendo wa kweli. Ni mzuri sana, sema wivu ndilo lilivuruga libeneke lile. Alikuwa na wivu kupitiliza kwenye kazi (music) ikawa inasumbua ilibidi tu-split,” Lord Eyes said on Wasafi media.

The founder of Tanzania hip hop group Gnako also revealed that he is now clean after relocating from Dar es Salaam to a rehab in Moshi. He said he struggled with addiction and often lapsed, but he finally overcame it after he changed the environment and friends.

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